How to make your cat sleep?

How to make your cat sleep?

Taking a nap is one of the cat’s favorite times. Study done suggests that on average a cat can sleep 12 -16 hours a day, but some can even go up to 20hours. Whether it is night or day felines seem to find their happiness by taking a nap at any time. But the main question is why does my cat not go to sleep? This can be a major question for you as a cat parent when your cat doesn’t get any sleep.

Cats are active animals if not sleeping they are playing with their buddies or toys if they are around though some can even be hyper in nature and hard to put them to sleep. Well, In this exploratory blog we will look at three major things

  • What can make a cat not sleep?
  • How to make a cat go to sleep?
  • Why do cats sleep?


What can make a cat not sleep?


Food is what keeps all living things alive and diets can significantly affect our body functionality and having the right balance is the key. Proteins are bodybuilding ensuring good cell growth; carbohydrates are energy giving foods meaning if you feed your cat a lot of carbohydrates and you want to make you buddy go to sleep it not going to happen so it’s advisable to feed your cat a good meal with low glycemic carbohydrate food when its bedtime, this ensures smooth flow of blood sugars in the blood other than a sugar rush.

Hyper cats

There are cats who are very active in nature and having them can be a real problem especially during sleeping hours and always seem reluctant using a feline Pheromones is a good way to do it only if its not extreme because in such cases you might need to see your vet for good professional advice.

Alternatively, you can by them interactive cat toys to play with or even cat trees. Such cats you are also advised to look for another buddy may be one or two as companions

Stress or Medical condition.

Stress and depression in cats can make them not go to sleep. Stress can be caused by factors such as a sudden change in an environment especially in their sleeping points; when a cat has an underlying medical condition or problem this might also make it not go to sleep due to the pain which may include an injury or any internal pain. First, you have to know is the cat not sleeping due to being too active or he or she is just meowing and yowling. If you suspect any medical problem its advisable to visit your vet as soon as possible for guidance and diagnosis.


Its sleeping time but wait my cat is just not interested, or maybe its not. Remember cats are wild in nature and its not a must they sleep as they should sometimes and they can also defy your routine. They can just sleep during the day when you expect them to be or active at night when you don’t expect them to be. But wait. I would advise that before you rule any problem in cats associated with sleeplessness you should know your cat better. Such as sleeping routines and feeding times.


Some hormones such as those associated with sexual reproductivity in cats can make any cat not go to sleep both male or female and this concerns those which haven’t been neutered or spayed yet. When its time for finding a mate then they have to. The common symptoms include meowing and yowling consistently while sometimes rolling on the ground. Its advisable to neuter your cat to avoid loss of sleep and uninvited guest in your house and constant fights.

Feeding Routine

Cats will not go to sleep if they have adhered to a certain routine such as feeding habits. If you are feeding them before they go to bed then they will wait until the task is complete for the next to be followed because they have become acquitted to the habit.

If you decided to change their feeding habit it shouldn’t be sudden. For example, if you were giving them a full meal then you have to give them a treat for a few days before you stop giving them at all while maintaining the new feeding routine.


How to make a cat go to sleep.

Having trouble with your cat not sleeping? Here we will highlight some of the things you can do to make them go to bed but first you have to rule out that all the issues listed above that your cat can be comfortable. We would advise that you follow these guidelines and within no time your precious little buddy will be sleeping within no time.

Feed them

When your cat is satisfied there is 90% chance that they will go to sleep and get some rest. This is not just a rule for domestic cats only but all cats in general. You might want to know if you have changed any feeding routine or not if you have, there is a higher chance that this is causing the cat not go to sleep.

Stroking and Petting.

Most cats love to be stroked which makes them feel comfortable and even more friendly. Stroking reduces stress in cats and not only in humans but cats too that why a study shows that cats are the closest match with humans symbiotically. Most of the time when a cat is stroked there is an 80% chance they will go to sleep.


As a cat parent you have to make sure your cat is as comfortable as possible. Cats are one of the cleanest animals and spend most of their active time licking their fur for any foreign materials. Its important to find a comfortable bed for your cat and place it in a warm place; In addition, you can get to choose the best cat blanket for better comfort.

Buy cat toys.

Is your cat hyper? Then this is a more sustainable way of calming your cat down. Most cats in their growth stages they love to be playful; not only kittens are but even adult cats love to play around the house. its good to find the best motorized interactive cat toys or even cat trees which will help your cat exercise and once they are done definitely after some play time, they will just fall asleep.


Have you noticed when you bath a baby most of the time they go to sleep? bathing or grooming makes the body feel relaxed it also inhibits the release of stress hormones in cats and as you stroke their hair with a cob they start to purr as a sign of excitement or relaxed state. So, if your cat is not going to sleep due to stress just groom them. it works just perfect.


Why do cats sleep?

Conserve energy.

Once a cat is engaged in activities such as play there will be a brain stimulus compelling them to sleep. This is a way of conserving energy during an engaging activity. That is why its our strongest advice on how to make your cat go to sleep. Play consumes about 9% of a cat’s daily activity and 4% excluding any other activity. Which makes it much significant.

Environmental effects.

Environmental changes can make a cat sleep. Rainy or cold days can make a cat want to sleep this time they will find a warm place where they can cuddle to get war such as a cat cave or a cat sleeping bag. Cats have a normal body temperature of 39 Celsius and have to find a way of maintaining it.

During sunny days cats usually find a cool place to do it and avoid the hot sun and cats can’t keep in a place for some time without taking a nap.


Cats are creatures of habit and maintain it even when it’s time for taking a nap. It might be a time to sleep or a habit such as if they sleep after taking a nap then they will do so.

If you are planning on changing your cat’s routine never do it suddenly as this might cause stress to it. Its also advisable to give them a treat after activities such as grooming and exercising.


Cats take a nap for the sake of it. They might not be tired or conserving anything, it’s their hobby during this time they are not fully asleep they have a ’one eye’ and very aware of their environment.

Cats love to sleep and take naps and this is very normal but, in some cases, this can be a health problem especially if combined with other symptoms such as demoralization and being inactive. This shows a serious health condition and I would highly recommend that you see a vet immediately to diagnose the problem. Its advisable to know your cats well to notice any changes that they might exhibit and deal with the problem as soon as possible.

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