How to choose the right cat insurance

How to choose the right cat insurance

Knowing how to choose the right cat insurance is one of the essential things you can do for your cat. You want to protect your cat without denting your wallet if they get injured or become sick, right? You are at the right place. Choosing the right cat insurance is the same as choosing the right car insurance. You must get the best plan to protect you and your asset as well. With cat insurance, you get real peace of mind knowing your pet is safe and protected, helping take out your worry, especially if you are in a stressful situation.

Choosing the right insurance for cats might be overwhelming, but we are here to help make the process smooth and easier for you. Below are some of the things to helps you choose the right insurance for you cat

Cost of the policy

This largely translates to affordability. You might want the best for your cat, but you must also be able to afford it. Don’t add yourself extra stress by going for a policy with exorbitant premiums denting your wallet further. The aim here is to get insurance and avoid covering some hefty bills when you have to take the cat to the vet. This means an affordable policy with affordable premiums that aren’t too high for your finances.

How much excess do you have to pay for every claim?

The excess in cat insurance is the amount of cash you have to pay before the cat insurance takes care of the remainder. For example, if the excess is high, you will most likely not claim for minor conditions, which reflects a lower monthly cost. However, it’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons, but it’s better to be safe and go for the policy that you think is fair regarding the excess.

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Does the insurance cover all the pet’s treatments?

Find out the areas of treatment included in the pet insurance policy. For example, does the policy cover everything from consultation fees, medicine, operations, your cat’s stay in hospital, anesthetics, lab fees, x-rays, and ultrasounds? What about at a referral level? When the vet sends your cat to a specialist?

You may also be interested in finding out if the policy covers behavioral disorders and complementary treatment like acupuncture. After all this, choose what is right for you and your cat but make sure you are satisfied with what is covered by the policy.

Is age a factor in your cat’s insurance policy?

There are insurance companies with no policies for older cats, as it is more likely that they will need expensive treatment. Some companies ask you to pay part of the cat’s treatment if your cat is of a certain age and above. Enrolling young and healthy cats might get you a better cover. Remember, you are here to protect the cat and yourself as well. Choose wisely.

What’s the maximum claim amount for every condition?

Reading the fine print isn’t an option if you want to get the best deal with insurance. Hopefully, this won’t happen, but what if your cat needs treatment at a specialist center? The bills can pile up on you, getting you maxed out. For example, you might think that $1,000 is a lot of money as the maximum amount your kitten insurance company pays. However, did you know that a broken bone could be double that amount or even more? With kitten insurance, think about the bills; if anything goes wrong, then decide.

Some insurance companies offer lifetime cat insurance which protects your pet for a lifetime, provided that the policy is renewed every year. This way, you get a yearly allowance which is either a set limit to cover all issues or as per the condition. Upon renewal, this will refresh and you get the allowance topped back up.

Is the insurance cost affected by your cat’s breed or your postcode?

Did you know that your postcode or the cat’s breed can affect your cat’s insurance cost? Some cat breeds are known to suffer more problems attracting higher premiums. Cats living in urban areas attract higher premiums as well. If you have a pedigree cat, check to see if the hereditary and congenital conditions are covered. Some insurance companies won’t allow you to claim for known hereditary conditions. Like we said, reading the fine print when it comes to the cat’s insurance isn’t an option if you want the best.

Does your cat insurance cover third-party costs?

What happens if your cat causes an accident? Cats are lovely pets and provide the best and most real form of love. They don’t mean to cause trouble, but accidents do happen. Check to see what happens with your cover if the cat causes an accident and then look at your house and contents insurance. Some of these insurance policies might cover legal liability for injury or damage caused by pets.

Multi-pet discounts

For pet lovers, this is a must check item on the kitten’s insurance. Many companies offer a discount if you have several pets in your home which is great for car lovers. It is not a must-have item but a great advantage, especially to pet lovers.

To choose the right cat insurance, you must know your kitten in and out. Thanks to veterinary care development and the manufacture of quality nutritional products, cats can now enjoy a longer lifetime. With the right cat insurance, your cat might enjoy even a longer lifespan.

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How to choose the right cat insurance FAQs

  • Will the insurance company pay if my cat gets lost or stolen?

Some insurance companies will offer you a lump sum if your cat gets lost, stolen or if it strays. This is well articulated in your insurance and it offers a great advantage for you. Some companies also contribute to the cost of offering rewards and making missing notices.

  • Will the insurance company pay if my cat has to be put to sleep?

Let’s be honest, nobody would want this to happen but sometimes, we may have to say goodbye to our pets. Some insurance policies may offer a lump sum if this has to be done, which is important for pedigree cats that might cost you several hundred dollars to get.

  • How often should I review my cat’s insurance policy?

We recommend that you first of all read and understand your pet’s insurance policy. After this, shop around regularly for insurance cover to ensure you get to enjoy the best value insurance. However, you should note that changing insurance cover requires a lot of due diligence. For example, you can’t insure older pets with an illness policy as the new insurer treats any of the cat’s ailments as pre-existing conditions.

  • When should I get a medical insurance cover for my cat or kitten?

The best time to think of cat insurance is when they are a kitten or as a young adult. This way, you get to insure the cat before you can find any signs of pre-existing conditions as no insurance company will offer coverage for any pre-existing condition. Every cat is prone to injuries and illnesses in each stage of life. Be prepared with insurance as early as possible.

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