How to choose the best cat bed

How to choose the best cat bed

Having the perfect bed is what your feline friend needs and how to choose the best cat bed can be tough sometimes and that is why we have dedicated much of our time to help you choose the right way. Cats spend at least 15 hours a day sleeping and having the best product for them would be the best reward for them at any time or season. This being the case as cat lover you need some guidance on the best product to choose and how best to choose.

  • Before you start to choose as a cat lover you need to do thorough research about your cat what he/she likes or doesn’t; is it an indoor or outdoor cat any medical conditions (search as allergic cats, arthritic cats)
  • The surrounding; this helps you in choices such as color, where to position the bed.
  • Time and season; you can choose a bed with specific features such as self-heating cat beds and also the best beds for traveling and camping with your feline friend.

When choosing a cat bed for your cat there are major things to consider before making the final choice of the product. These include comfort, size, material, material.


When you decide to buy a cat bed for your cat; as a cat parent, you are looking forward to giving your best for your cat with comfort being the first priority.

Make sure it’s made of ultra-soft plush and fluffy with a design that blends in with your cat’s body for the best comfort and support when resting or cuddling. Fluffy materials also offer the best warmth for your cat. Comfort also reduces anxiety in your pet giving them a safe, comfortable place to cuddle on.

Premium Quality Material.

Make sure the material used is made out of virgin material and not recycled. Recycled material can be different in texture or even smell which can be very uncomfortable for your cat especially those with medical conditions. You can use your sense of smell to know if the material is recycled because they are chemically treated to make them look as new.

Make sure to chose a material that is durable and doesn’t wear easily for good service and guarantee. You should consider things such as fading and corrosion, anti-scratch materials etc.

Easy to Clean

Machine washable materials would be the best choice if you use one as it saves on time and quality is still retained. Hand washable materials are also a perfect choice but make sure to look for soft flexible material. Easy to clean ensures fur removal is easy, dust-free and dander free; cleaning also ensures that the homes are odor-free.

Size of your Pet.

As a buyer, it would be frustrating to buy a product and after delivery, you realize its not the best fit for your pet and you have to return the item again. To avoid this hustle, make sure know your pet’s size which you can use buy considering the age which would be a rough estimate. For the best size it’s good to consider measuring them and getting the right number for the perfect order. Size can also be considered in terms of the number of cats if you wish to get a common bed for them all or a bed for each.

Its good to note that for cat tree with beds and wall-hanging cat beds you have to consider the size and wait for your cat.


There are two types of heated cat beds. The self-warming cat bed and the electric heating cat bed. Self-warming cat beds are made with temperature-sensitive material that adjusts to the pet’s body heat; they work on the principle of heat retention mechanism where the retained heat is radiated to provide additional warmth and comfort to the cat. While the electric heated cat bed is thermostatically controlled to automatically respond to the cat’s normal body temperature changes when the cat lies on it;

Heated cat beds are best for senior pets, arthritic pets, newborn pets, pregnant pets or animals recovering from illness or injury.


These come with a soft PVC material layer on the inside to prevent any liquid absorption. If your feline friend is active or an outdoor cat then this would be a major choice to make. The waterproof design would be ideal when you take a trip to a lake, beach or in a pool after the activity they can rest on the bed.

When choosing one make sure it has an inner waterproof covering and a waterproof none skid bottom it would be a perfect choice for an outdoor cat.

Other factors to consider include

Price: when choosing a cat bed is important to consider price but don’t compromise on quality.

Fireproof: Its important to consider this factor especially if your cat is active around the house.

Anti-shock: if you consider buying an electric heated cat bed this would be a factor to consider; though most heated cat beds come with this feature.

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Choosing the best cat beds FAQs

Q1      What type of bed do cats prefer?

Cats can be choosy on how they interact with anything but the bottom line is as long as your cat bed is clean and comfortable u don’t have to worry. The biggest factor that most cats consider is cleanliness, comfort and warmth so if you are purchasing one put these factors into consideration.

Q2      Can I wash a cat bed?

Most cat beds are washable so that it can be clean and free of bad odor which cats hate. When choosing a cat bed make sure the material is fur, dust and dander free to save on time and money. Never buy a cat bed if it’s not washable.

Q3      Do kittens need a cat bed?

Basically, all cats need a bed; but its advisable to choose the right bed for your cat considering the age. Kittens and senior cats are more venerable to cold such not only do they need a cat bed but make sure to get a self-warming or electric heated cat bed for them.

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