First Time Cat Owner – What You Need to Know

First Time Cat Owner – What You Need to Know

After doing some thinking, you have now decided to add a cat to your family. First of all, congratulations. A cat makes a great friend and roommate. Maybe you haven’t made up your mind yet. You have the thought hanging on your mind but you aren’t sure you are up for the task. Having a cat means changing some aspects of your daily life and getting to know how to best take care of the feline friend.


Maybe you are a first-time cat owner and this what you need to know. Cats require some special supplies, strict considerations, attention and some long-term preparations. It might sound like a lot but it is very possible and fun when you get used to it. Apart from getting a roommate and a pet friend, you get used to being responsible for the feline and fall in love with her.

Things might seem tricky for first time cat owners but no worries, we are here to take you through the process. With this guide, you will be ready psychologically to how life will be for you and your feline friend.

How do you keep the cat’s health in check?

The first thing to consider before anything else is the health of your cat. This means taking care of what the cat eats and comes into contact with in the house. Never assume that the cat can regulate what to eat.

  • Food

The cat doesn’t know what is right and wrong for them. Whatever you think might not cause any harm could be the end of your feline friend. Avoid leaving chocolate, raisins, grapes and dairy products lying around in the house. These can cause stomach problems such as bleeding and eventual death.

Always feed your cat high quality protein-based food. If you notice any loss of appetite in the cat, visit a vet to get a diagnosis and advice on what to feed the cat.


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If you have potted and outdoor plants, make sure the cat doesn’t nibble on them. Some of these are dangerous to the cat’s health.

  • Medication

Never leave medication or cleaning products lying around in your house. This includes dietary supplements. These might be amazing for your health but detrimental to the cat’s health.

Is the cat comfortable in your home?

Comfort is one of the things that determine if your cat stays in your home or feels like leaving every time you approach her or open the door.

  • Start with a safe room

Before the cat gets accustomed to your home, a safe room is an amazing starter. It is a sanctuary that provides the cat with the safety and quiet required while getting accustomed to the sounds and scents in your home. Get a room with a ceiling and a secure door.

  • A comfortable bed

This means a warm bed with soft and comfortable bedding. The new cat might spend the next day or two in the bed so making sure the cat is comfortable should be a top concern. When the cat isn’t playing or moving out, sleeping is the order of the day. Don’t make the cat dread sleeping time due to an uncomfortable bed.

  • Hiding place

A new cat is going to be nervous or shy and like to hide. Get the kitty an ideal hiding place to make the kitty comfortable. Get Cat cave, Cat bed or a tent If you can. Here is a recommended cat cave for you according to our research.

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Remove large items such as beds and dressers to make it easier for you to interact with the cat. It’s easier to interact with a cat hiding in a box as compared to the cat hiding under the sofa or bed.

  • Help the cat know you

Place an item of your clothing in the cat’s safe room. Any piece of your clothing that has your scent is incredible to help the cat get to know you.

  • Get the cat a toy or two

A new cat is reluctant to come out and interact with the new owner. While it is acceptable, your cat doesn’t have to get bored all day long in the safe room. Get a toy or two and place them in the safe room. While the cat isn’t sleeping on the comfy bed, the cat plays with the toy making it easier to start interactions with people.


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Hide one or two toys for a while then switch them with the one the cat is used to playing with. This makes it easier for the cat to adapt to new things and hence new surroundings. You also get to know your cat better with the toys he or she prefers playing with more often.

  • Place litter, food and water in the safe room

The more comfortable the cat feels, the more she gets to love your home. Avoid forced interactions with the cat during the first few days. On the same, avoid interrupting the cat by ensuring there are enough supplies in the room. Maintain a fresh supply of food and water in the safe room and if possible, do it without interrupting the cat.

Make sure there is comfortable litter in the safe room. Shy cats prefer time alone in the first few days and most of this time is spent sleeping or getting familiar with the new room. Make sure the room is warm and comfortable for the cat.

What types of food should you feed the cat?

The cat might not eat a lot if at all during the first day or two. Past that, try tastier treats to get the cat’s appetite back. Make sure you feed the cat high quality protein-based foods at all time. Avoid foods with additives and preservatives as these might bring stomach problems to the new cat.

Remember, cats are carnivores and they require a good supply of animal proteins to stay in optimal health. while feeding the cat commercial wet or dry foods, feeding the cat a balanced diet is essential. Find high quality commercial cat food appropriate for the cat’s health and age. Go to your veterinarian for advice if you have to before feeding the cat anything. The vet assesses the cat’s health status and recommends the right food to feed the cat.

If possible, get your feline friend a fresh supply of animal proteins once in a while. You can opt to feed the cat cooked or raw fresh meat. While cats love fish, it’s not advisable to feed her fish on a daily basis. Fish have high levels of fatty acids which leads to painful conditions in cats.

Why you should consider cat insurance

While some people see cat insurance as an extra cost, others especially those with new cats see an unexpected bill sorted out. The cat insurance is there to protect her against illness and injuries they might suffer from. Vet bills can be expensive sometimes and as a cat owner believe me you will make a few trips to the vet before getting used to living with the feline friend. The treatment of your cat can sometimes add up to thousands of dollars and the cat’s insurance policy protects you from these costs.

The cat’s insurance works same way with other insurances you are familiar with. It is a safety net providing you with a soft landing in the event of uncertainties. As a new cat owner, things might go wrong and the cat falls seriously ill. Veterinary bills can sometimes add up to thousands of dollars and if you don’t have cat insurance, you will be left with a dent in your wallet.

Is your home ready for a cat?

It doesn’t matter how much you love a cat but if your home isn’t ready for a cat, you being prepared means nothing. But how do you know if your home is ready for a cat?

  • Do you rent?

There might be policies in place by your landlord regarding pets. Be familiar with them and start by checking if you are allowed to have a pet in the premises. If you own a home, the better. Whatever happens, make sure you have enough room to spare for the cat.

  • Do you have time for the cat?

Cats aren’t simple creatures that you provide food and water then leave for work and come back ready to sleep. Make sure you spend time with your cat. Interact and play with your cat as much as you can. Cats need attention!

  • Can you avail all the resources required by the cat?

Time is also a resource. On top of this, can you manage to feed the cat a balanced diet, get a cat bed, a litter box, a cat tree, scratching posts and toys? If these sound like a lot, then you might reconsider getting a cat.

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If you have made a decision to get a cat, get ready to make some permanent changes in your life. If you are away from home too much, that has to change. Cleaning up after the cat, getting a scratch or two, getting bothered by the cat when you don’t give him or her enough attention, sleeping on the same bed with your cat, are just some of the things you need to get used to when you get a cat in your home. Can you handle it?

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