10 Best Heated Cat Beds

10 Best Heated Cat Beds

Being a pet parent is one of the most amazing experiences for pet lovers. The love and companionship that our cats provide us with is immeasurable. Do you want to keep your cat pain free and comfortable all year long? If so, then getting a heated cat bed is one of the best things you can do for your cat.

Cats are independent and pretty low maintenance but when the cold season comes, your AC might not be enough to get your cat through one night. This means you need to do something extra for your feline friend to keep her warm all through. One of the best cat accessories I have come across as a pet parent are the heated cat beds. They are designed to offer heat and therapeutic benefits making them soothing and also helps relieve painful joints.

Heated cat beds are special and functional beds that help cater to the taste of the owner as they come in different styles. In this guide, we will take a look at some of the best-heated cat beds. We will break it down further to the best-heated cat beds for indoor cats and heated cat beds for outdoor cats.

Table of Content

  • Heated Cat Beds for Indoor Cats

  • Heated Cat Beds for Outdoor Cats

  • Best Heated Cat Bed for Indoor and Outdoor Cats Buying Guide

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Heated Cat Beds for Indoor Cats

Like we said above, your AC radiator might not be enough to keep your cat warm and comfortable during the cold season. Let’s take a look at some of the best-heated cat beds for indoor cats. With these, the internal heating pads can be removed to help wash the beds keeping them fresh. Let’s dive in.

1. Petmate Aspen Heated Cat Bed

Best Heated Cat Beds for indoor cats.

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This bed tops my list because of the technology and convenience it brought my cat. It’s a snug bed without a heating pad but it keeps your cat warm whatsoever. It uses the same principle as Mylar space blankets used by astronauts. The materials within the sleeping pad are designed to reflect the cat’s own heat back. This is a very good option for cat owners who are concerned about the safety of heating pads.

For the cats who love to dig and knead before getting comfortable, this snug bed has sturdy sides to take some of this type of punishment from the cat. The sleeping area is soft and cushioned making a comfortable space for your cat. The bed also has a non-skid bottom making it safe to use at home.

• Self-warming heater type
• Indoor cat bed
• Available in different sizes and shapes
• Made with Faux Lamb’s Wool Plush and Wide Wale Corduroy
• Available in different colors


2. K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Deluxe Heated Cat Bed

Best Heated Cat Beds for indoor cats.

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The K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Deluxe Heated Cat Bed is perfect for cats that love hiding and feeling safe when sleeping. It’s an adaptable bed with a hooded top that can be zipped off as well to use the bed basket-style.

This cat bed has a 4-watt removable heater for easy washing when needed. The heating pad is rigorously tested before releases and certified b MET Listed. However, this means the bed is not suitable for outdoor areas where damping is a possibility. Using the bed is pretty easy because the heater can be left running forever. It has a dual thermostat that heats the bed to 10-15 degrees above the normal temperature. However, it is designed to never overheat your pet beyond the normal body temperature.

• Indoor
• 4 Watts, Met Listed heater
• Dual thermostat for temperature regulation
• Poly filled Pillow materials
• Available in Mocha and Tan Leopard print
• 16” or 20” sizes available


3. Best Friends by Sheri Heated Cat Beds

Best Heated Cat Beds for indoor cats.

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My cat loved the warm, soft and comfortable snuggle but loved the Petmate bed more. Cats love being cuddled and stroked more than you think and this might be the reason one of my kitties was addicted to this bed. With the best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler, the bed serves the stroking and cuddling keeping your cat in good company. Cats love warmth that’s why it’s not enough to just lay a blanket on the floor and expect the cat to be comfortable. Invest in a quality premium heated cat bed made with pet-safe materials.

With the Best Friends by Sheri Heated Cat Beds, the rear high walls provide the required back support for the cat which relieves pressure off the cat’s joints easing any pain the pet might be experiencing. The high walls also provide a safe space for cats who love their privacy as they sleep.

• Indoor self-heating bed
• High walls for added comfort, secure and improved sleep
• Waterproof bottom
• Machine washable
• Soft and super comfortable


4. Furhaven Pet Heated Bed for Cat

Best Heated Cat Beds for indoor cats.

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Did you know that cats thrive in warmth? I learned this the hard way when as a first-time cat owner, I tried washing my cat with cold water and she made sure we fought. We weren’t on terms for almost a week can you imagine? Forgive me I was naïve. Cats thrive in warmth and they require more external heat which helps them save on metabolic energy that should have been used to keep the cat warm.

The Furhaven Orthopedic Round Snuggery Pet Bed is a luxurious bed that provides the extra warmth needed by the cat. If you are a pet parent and live in very cold regions, the snuggly cozy bed is the perfect heated cat bed for your feline friend.

• Self-heating cat bed
• Machine washable cover
• Made from Faux Lamb’s wool for extra comfort
• Silken sued exterior
• Available in four colors
• Cozy burrowed space perfect for kittens and pets who love privacy


5. K&H Heated Mat for Cats

Best Heated Cat Beds for indoor cats.

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Cats love warmth and if there isn’t enough warmth in your home, you might catch the cat snuggling around warm electrical appliances in the kitchen or lounging by the window in constant search for some warmth. By now, I know you understand that kittens are born with temperature receptors on their face. This is how they find their mom without seeing anything. As they grow up, the temperature receptors intensify making them search for warm areas all the time.

The K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Mat is an effective heating mat that helps keep your feline friend warm during the cold seasons. It is perfect for cats who love sleeping in the open as well.

• Thermostatically controlled
• MET listed for safety
• Comes with one-year warranty
• Machine washable removable covers

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Heated Cat Beds for Outdoor Cats

There are cats who enjoy spending their time outdoors even during the cold seasons. If this is the case with your cat, there are safe and strong heated cat beds for outdoor cats.

1. K&H Outdoor Multi Kitty A-Frame Cat Bed

Best Heated Cat Beds for outdoor cats.

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This outdoor bed is more of a house in design than a bed. It is an A-frame bed that is comfortable, sturdy and waterproof. The bed has heated floor pad inside that ensures your cat s comfortable even during the cold season. The bed is large enough to fit two cats or even three depending on their size and has two exits.

If you have a cat that loves the outdoors, this bed is a perfect fit even for a cat with a kitten or two. With this bed, you only have to plug in the power and leave it heating 24/7. It has a thermostat that regulates the temperature and wont overheat.

• Outdoor cat bed
• Ample space to fit two or three cats
• Comfortable for all cats
• Has two exits to avoid the cats feeling trapped
• Thermostatically controlled


2. K&H Lectro Soft Heated Cat Bed

Best Heated Cat Beds for outdoor cats.

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K&H is one of the companies that don’t joke around when it comes to making great cat accessories. Their Lectro Soft Heated Pet Bed is an outdoor cozy orthopedic bed for felines. It features are a thermostat-controlled energy-efficient heater running on 20W. The bed is able to warm your pet up to the normal body temperature. Even in freezing temperatures, this bed is able to keep your pet warm all through. This bed boasts of an unbeatable patented design that provides an outdoor orthopedic foam.

You can place this bed in a shed, garage, basement, and shelters making it a nice and versatile option. The weatherproof bonus is another added advantage. It doesn’t matter whether it’s snowing or raining, the bed stays in top notch condition and maintains performance.

• Weatherproof
• Internal thermostat
• MET listed for safety
• Versatile design
• Steel wrapped power cord


3. Pet Magasin Thermal Self-Heated Cat Bed

Best Heated Cat Beds for outdoor cats.

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The self-heated feature makes this bed a great option for outdoors and traveling as well. The Pet Magasin Thermal Self-Heated Bed for Cats comes in a pack of two different-sized mats. This makes it possible to position it in any place your pet loves to sleep even in corners.

The inclusion of Mylar the reflective material used in space suits and blankets by astronauts. The material absorbs and reflects back your pet’s body heat keeping the cat comfy even when the bed is used on hard surfaces. This combined with the rubberized underside makes the bed great for outdoor cats.

• Outdoor bed
• Self-heating
• Velvet style cover
• Hypoallergenic foam
• Rubberized underside
• 22” by 18.5” and 17” by 11”
• Larger sizes also available


4. K&H Extreme Weather Kitty Pad and Fleece Cover

Best Heated Cat Beds for outdoor cats.

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This might look like the Lectro we discussed above but inside, it is a much larger and robust heating pad. This pad is made of hard ABS plastic that can’t be bent or ripped. I have used this outdoor heated cat bed once for more than 6 years so I can guarantee you it is a pretty durable piece. With the newer models, you get a bed with steel wrapped cords making it ideal to use in a sheltered place to protect your outdoor cat from extreme cold weather.

• Durable heating pad
• Steel wrapped cord on newer models
• Comes in different sizes
• MET listed for safety
• Thermostatically controlled
• Machine washable fleece cover


5. Frisco Self-Warming Round Bolster Cat Bed.

Best Heated Cat Beds for outdoor cats.

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For those with cats who love cuddling, this bed is a great option for your cat. It is made with soft and snuggly material with a rubberized underside. This means it won’t slide even when you accidentally step on it or when the cat is kneading before finding the best position for the nap.

The Frisco Self-Warming Round Bolster Cat Bed cuddles your cat when you aren’t around. It is made of heat-reflecting material that is amazing for cats who enjoy a bolster and being held too.
If you have a small cat that prefers to curl uptight, this bed is a nice option. It comes in different colors and it is easily foldable making it great for transport.

• Easy to transport
• Good for kitties
• Self-heating
• Sized conveniently to fit small and large areas
• Machine washable

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Best Heated Cat Bed for Indoor and Outdoor Cats Buying Guide

What should you be on the lookout for when buying a heated cat bed?

• Heating element

While some beds rely on self-heating technology, others are dependent on integrated electric heating. The electric heating beds do much better when heating your cat as compared to self-heating beds. However, if you feel unsafe when you leave the cat at home with a bed plugged in the socket, the self-heating beds are a better alternative.


Heated cat beds are available in different designs and styles. There are many options to choose from but it is recommended that you choose the design that best suits your cat’s character and lifestyle. If your cat is a private pet, getting a hooded or covered heated cat bed is a good option. There are flatbeds that are easily folded and stored for transport or when they aren’t in use. The round and plush luxury heated cat beds are for pet owners who love a bit of style and royalty.


There are cat beds that have to be washed manually while others are machine washable. Washing the bed, yourself is such a hassle meaning the machine washable beds are great options. Even the electric heated cat beds come with removable pads or covers that can be machine washed. However, if you don’t mind washing the heated cat bed yourself, get the best one for you.


Premium quality heated cat beds aren’t cheap. This means you get the value of your money when you buy a highly durable heated cat bed. The material used to make the heated cat bed determines the durability, safety and comfort of your feline friend. The bed should be strong but comfortable allowing the cat to leave any time. The fabric lining and filling should be made with comfortable and safe materials for a pet such as polyester.

The decision to buy a heated cat bed for your feline friend comes from the love you have for the pet. Cats love warmth whether they have fur or not. A heated cat bed is great for colder climates and its suitable for all cat breeds.

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