Best Hammock Window Cat Bed for indoor cats

Best Hammock Window Cat Bed for indoor cats

Hammock cat beds/perches are some of the most elegant cat accessories I have come across, besides being great for your feline friend they also give your room a classy modernized touch. In this review, we have chosen some of the best hammock window cat beds/perches for indoor cats that will be the best gift to give your feline friend. Our choices are based on durability, quality material and elegance.

Cats are wild in nature and giving them that feeling they get to have that wild nature with the climbing, basking on the sun or laying down to sleep. Hammock cat beds are one of the best choices for your cat because they give your cat that wild feeling and as a cat parent you shouldn’t deny them that.

Hammock window cat beds when blending well with the surroundings they get to give your room the elegance it needs so be sure to choose with design and color in mind.


8 Best Hammock Window Cat Bed/Perch for indoor cats Reviews

Top Pick: HIPIPET Cat Hammock Bed with 2 Cushions Tapestry Swing Bed Macrame Cotton Rope Cat Window Perch Cat Bed for Indoor Cats


Our top pick is this unique design hammock window cat bed, its a swing bed with cotton ropes for reinforcement making it safe for your cat; a work of great artistry that can blend in your room well and can be hanged at any place. Placing it is very simple just put a hook on the wall and hung it.  It comes with two colorful cushions to give your room the live touch of nature because of the flower designs printed.


Unique design; braided cotton ropes bound together bringing a great work of art.

Can be placed any place you choose in your room.

The braided cotton ropes offer you durability and safety for your cat combined.

Easy to clean because it’s made of natural quality cotton ropes that are non-toxic and odorless; making it safe for any cat.

Comes with two beautifully colored pillows that can blend in any surrounding.

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Pet Fusion Ultimate Cat Window Climbing Perch 45” Tall

This cat window climbing perch is one of the best. It has a combination of a resting bed and scratching pole; the heavy-duty suction cups secure the perch on the window. The window perch offers the best experience for your cat because of its interactive design that improves your cat’s wellness through exercises as it scratches on the pole and climbs offering their instincts the environmental enrichment they need.

The cat window perch has separated parts and if one wears out you don’t have to buy the whole perch but replaced the worn-out part only.


It uniquely combines the features of a window perch and climbing post to offer your cat the interactive experience when it climbs, scratches, or rests near the window

Heavy-duty suction cups safely hold the perch on the wall or window ensuring safety for your cat.

Thick base for total support and gives peace of mind making sure while the cat plays on it there is safety.

Replaceable sisal poles save you money because you don’t have to buy the whole perch again.

Easy to assemble because it doesn’t need the use of tools and you can mount it in minutes.

3 suction cups for added strength and stability

42” sisal scratching post which are in three parts offering a choice in terms of height.

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K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill

It’s an electric heating cat window bed which is best suitable for your feline friend in any weather condition; during winter you can plug it in to warm the bed and remove it during warm weather conditions. It has three heavy-duty suction cups each 60lbs able to hold your cat without the worry of collapse and can be mounted on any glass surface on the door or window.


Removable 4watt heater tested and certified by MET Labs to attain electric safety standards of USA and Canada which ensures that your cat gets the best comfort at any weather condition; a perfect fit for cats with medical conditions such as arthritis and also the best window perch for senior cats.

Heavy-duty 60lbs suction cups ensure safety for your cat at all times.

Made of quality durable material for long service; non-recycled making it odorless and safe to use on any cat.

Easy to clean

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K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill Cat Window Heated Hanging Bed and Hammock

This hanging heated window perch would offer the perfect spot for your kitty to rest on during all weather conditions during winter you plug in the heater and during warmer months just remove the heater making sure that your kitty has comfort all year round. It’s perfectly safe for a cat with 40 pounds of weight support.

It’s easy to fix and requires a 2” window sill. Soft orthopedic foam with a washable faux-lambskin removable washable cover and removable low 6-watt heater which has been tested by MET labs and exceeded USA and Canada electrical safety standards.


A removable 6-watt heater which is MET labs tested for safety standards for your cat’s safety.

Soft orthopedic foam with washable faux-lambskin


Cannot support weight exceeding 40pounds

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Cat Window Perch – Free Fleece Blanket and Toy – Extra Large and Sturdy

As a cat parent, this is the best gift you can give your hyperactive cat; it’s the best hammock window cat bed for indoor cat plus accessories (a fun feather cat toy to keep your cat occupied and a fleece blanket for cold weather). This heavy-duty hammock window cat bed can hold weight of up to 15kgs and with this capacity, you can have more than two cats rest on it and do sunbathe while watching birds.

 If you need a quality gift to give your friend then this is the right one for you. The heavy-duty suction cups can hold 60lbs each making it steady and safe for your furry friend.


3.5” suction cups that can hold 60lbs each you don’t have to worry about your cat’s safety

Heavy-duty 1” ABS tubing makes it lightweight and strong; securely supported by steel cables with soft rubber coating for security and perfect for a standard window.

Addition accessories fun feather cat toy, fleece blanket to make sure they enjoy comfort at all weather conditions, and gift box.

Machine washable cushion and fleece blanket ensure comfort for the cat

Durable material ensures quality service for you and your friend.

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K&H PET PRODUCTS K&H Manufacturing EZ Mount Kitty Window Sill

What is so amazing about this hammock window cat bed is its ability to hold large weight and its flexibility feature. It’s the ideal cat perch to have in smaller spaces. It is easy to handle and carry around and you don’t need tools to fix it; It’s made of a high-grade sturdy steel frame for long-lasting durability. The cover is removable and machine washable and easy to clean.


Heavy-duty suction cups which can hold large weight up to 100lbs; it can support two large cats

Flexible and foldable frame; easy fix and can be handled with minimal tool usage.

Reinforced high-grade sturdy Steel frame for long-lasting durability.

The removable cover is soft and odorless and easy to machine wash.

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LSAIFATER All-Around 360° Sunbath and Lower Support Safety Iron Cat Window Perch, Cat Hammock Window Seat for Any Cats

A quality and durable window cat perch a perfect fit for sunbathing and enjoy the scenery outside the window comfortably. Its quality is a no match for its price and its unique, different colors to choose from and simple design make it blend in different surrounding; can hold up to 50lbs weight and its frame is made of steel making it strong and durable.


Made of iron and steel frame for strength and durability.

Machine washable removable rugged fabric mat which is waterproof, quick-drying and easy to clean.

Instruction guide for a quick and effortless fix without tools.

Available in different colors Brown, Gold and Grey


Not flexible and cannot be folded.

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Kakasi Foam Cushion Pet Cat Window Seat/Perch/bed

Having a secure cat window seat perch that is comfortable for your pet is the wish of every cat parent because you don’t want to have your cat to get injured by a substandard product. This cat window perch has all this into consideration; with its 2 support brackets and e Velcro-style fasteners, the manufacturer had it all in mind for your furry friend.

The cozy cushion cat bed ensures that your cat is comfortable in all weather conditions and getting a good cat blanket would be an added advantage to your furry friend


Foam cushion provides a safe comfortable place for your kitty.

2 support brackets and 2 Velcro-style fasteners ensure at most safety for your kitty friend.

The soft comfortable fleece cover is machine washable and easy to clean.


Might need tools to fix and also challenging.

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Best Hammock Window Cat Bed/Perch for indoor cats Buyer’s Guide

Durability and Safety

When looking for the best hammock cat bed for your indoor cat safety should always be the first priority because you don’t want your feline friend to come tumbling down end getting hurt because this would be heartbreaking to see.

Safety in most case is upheld if the product meets the right standards in terms of quality of material used and if other additional accessories such as electric heaters meet the required standard

When choosing a hammock window cat bed make sure to look for one with steel anchors or high-quality ABS material which is light in weight; The steel should be smooth or coated with rubber for additional safety and smooth edges.

It’s advisable you look for a hammock cat bed with 50lbs heavy-duty suction cups or more because this would be safer for your cat.

If you prefer a hammock cat bed with an electric heater make sure they meet the MET safety standards

If you place a hammock window cat bed more than 4fts from the ground it’s advisable to place an item close by to help your cat climb easily without much disturbance.

Space and Style

Hammock window cat beds come in different designs and styles and can make your room look beautiful if placed in the right space.

When looking for a cat bed consider the color and design which will blend well in the room to bring out the elegance.

Size and Weight

If you have more than one cat you should look for a hammock cat perch that can hold a high weight capacity of at least 60lbs or more.

The windowpane should be able to also withstand a large weight capacity to avoid breaking. Make sure to consult the glazier before installing one if you not sure.

Know your Cat.

Knowing your cat as a cat parent is always the key; knowing the likes and dislikes or medical conditions that they might have including the age.

Look for a hammock window cat bed/perch with a cushion because comfort is the king; the perch should be good for your cat all year round and made of quality material that is odorless so that your feline friend can enjoy the experience.

If you have a senior cat arthritic, look for a cat bed electric heating accessory that you can use during winter and remove the plug during warmer months.

If you have a hyperactive cat an interactive cat perch would be advisable a PetFusion Ultimate Cat Window Climbing Perch would be the ultimate product to go for.

Easy to Clean

To ensure that your cat is in a comfortable environment always look for cat beds with quality materials that are easy to clean and machine washable because it saves you time and ensures that it’s always clean.

The good thing is cats are good at grooming themselves and addictively clean; so, what you have to do is offer them the best environment to live in.


Always look for a money-back guarantee on every product you purchase this ensures as a customer you get quality products and replacement parts.


Best Hammock Window Cat Bed/Perch for indoor cats FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1      Why do cats like looking out of the window?

Cats are curious animals and also wild in nature, a slight movement makes them direct all their instincts in that direction; in other cases, just like we as people enjoy the beautiful sceneries outside and like to look out of the window so do cats.

That’s why you need a hammock window bed for them to enjoy this; be sure to get one for your feline friend.

Q2      Are cat hammocks safe?

Hammock window perch is very safe if you find the right one for your cat by considering the manufacturers specifications check the buyer’s guide above for more information.

Q3      Do cats like hammocks?

Which is the best way for your cat to sunbathe and enjoy bird watching than a cat being at the window on a comfortable hammock bed!?

If you have noticed, outdoors cats love climbing and resting on trees to enjoy the sun and cool breezes; if you have an indoor cat, having a hammock cat bed would be the best solution to bring the wild nature into your house and make your cat stimulate their instincts.

Q4      Which is the best cat window perch?

Cat window perches come in different designs for you to choose from. There are factors to put into consideration such as safety, durability, space, etc; we have also highlighted the best hammock cat beds for you.

Best Hammock Window Cat Bed for indoor cats Verdict

Hammock cat window cat bed offers your cat the best wild experience for your cat because they keep their wild instincts stimulated; they also offer your cat a chance to do sunbathing comfortably which is good for vitamin D and bone development.

In this review, I believe you have found the best hammock window cat bed and also a buyer’s guideline that is helpful to you. Which is the best choice we eager to hear from you.


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