5 Best Cat Food for Weight Gain(2021)- Top 5 To Try

5 Best Cat Food for Weight Gain(2021)- Top 5 To Try

Have you been wondering how to boost your cat’s weight? We have come up with the best choice of 5 best cat foods for weight gain to try. They are good for underweight cats, boost appetite for cats who have lost or have low appetite; good for cat parents who want to boost weight on their cats. They are basically the best solution that will definitely work for you feline friend.


If your feline is skinny and underweight, you need to help it gain some healthy mass. Research shows tat underweight cats are more likely to have more health problems than the rest. But, it’s always important that it gains weight responsibly. Make sure that you get some high-calorie foods for your pussy to ensure that it increases enough fats and proteins.


Sometimes, the problem is far deeper than just the bowl. Not all foods will nourish your cat or maintain a healthy weight. Find out the foods that add weight for your cat. Ingredients should focus on calories, fats, and proteins above everything. However, a few veggies also serve the vitamins and minerals that the furry friend so badly needs!


Top 5 Best Cat Foods for Weight Gain Review


Which are the highest calorie foods for cats? Which foods should you give to your cat to make it fatter or bigger? A cat can achieve weight gain if it eats the right food. Food that has ingredients such as proteins, carbs, and fats will help the feline increase weight. Also, it must be balanced enough to ensure that there are enough minerals and vitamins in the carnivore’s body. Here are our top picks of foods that will help your cat gain weight:


1.    Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend Dry Cat Food – Top Best Cat Food for Weight Gain

When you want to increase the weight of your feline, make sure to get foods that are rich in proteins. Purina One fit in the description pretty well, especially with its salmon and chicken flavor that meets the animal’s dietary requirements. It has real chicken as the first and most crucial ingredient. This means your feline will enjoy munching the piece. Plus, they contain wholesome grains, veggies, and fruits to provide the necessary vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The 34 percent protein content will help in building your cat’s muscle mass, and this will add to its healthy weight.

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2.    Blue Buffalo Natural Adult Dry Cat Food

If your adult feline still weighs as low as a kitty, then you need to work on that. And with the Blue Buffalo Natural cat food, you have a big shot to improving the cat’s health, appetite and ultimately, weight!

The food contains deboned chicken as the main ingredient. Chicken is not only nutritious but also aromatic and easily digestible by a cat. The proteins get to vital parts of the cat’s body quickly, thus helping it to increase in mass.

Each piece of the Blue Buffalo is rich in Omega 3 and 6 oils which improve healthy skin. The Lifesource Bits add to the food’s minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Such elements enrich the body with the necessary thrust for healthy weight gain.

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3.    Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Wellness CORE is a grain-free cat food that has four formula flavors which include duck, salmon, herring, and chicken. Thus, you get to choose the kind of flavor that your cat likes the most. Then, protein sources blend with fruits, vitamins, minerals, and veggies to give a wholesome, healthy formula.

Fruits and vegetables present in the food ensure that your cat has enough vitamins and minerals. Also, it allows it to keep off allergies- if your cat doesn’t become sensitive to foods and substances; it’s likely to eat more food. It will neither throw up nor diarrhea the little it tastes. All the food will be utilized in the body to make it stronger.

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4.    9Lives Protein Plus Dry Cat Food

Pick any of the eight formulas that work best for your cat and get a balance of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and proteins. The 9 Lives Protein cat food has 33-gram protein content that supports healthy muscle build-up. Also, the antioxidants are crucial for reinforcing the feline immune system.

The chicken and tuna flavor will attract your cat to eat as much food as possible. Research shows that tuna and taurine boost a cat’s mental abilities, especially for aging cats. All these elements will improve the cat’s health or help it grow.

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5.    Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Cat Food

Choose your cat’s favorite flavor from six formulas and get the power to boost your feline’s weight gain. The packages start from 2.5 pounds to 12-pound bag so you can pick the size that best works for you. Each scoop of this food contains deboned whitefish or chicken with fiber and vitamin sources.

Only natural ingredients are present in the food, which means that you will not find any soy, wheat, corn, flavors, preservatives, or any complex secondary proteins. The good thing is that the cat food comes with an assurance of quality from Wellness Guarantee. Cat owners love the all-natural formula.

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Best cat food for weight gain buying guide checklist

Now, what should you look for when trying to find a high-calorie weight-gain cat food? First, make sure to consider the number of nutrients, calories, and proteins. The nutritional quality of your cat food will determine how well it can grow. Remember, you want to keep the cat healthy, while at the same time providing foods that boost its muscle mass and fat storage. Consider the following factors:


·         Animal fats

The standard cat food should contain at least nine percent of fat. However, underweight felines may need about 20 percent. If you want your cat to increase in weight, you need fatty foods.


·         Flavor and moisture

Boost your cat’s appetite by providing it with flavor-rich foods. Moisturizing and warming foods might make this possible. Also, wet cat foods tend to be tastier than dry varieties.


·         High-calorie composition

If you want your feline to become bigger, then you must increase their calorie intake. You shouldn’t necessarily increase the amount of food in their bowl- you need to pick foods that have the high-calorie content.



·         Limited diets with no additives, flavors or preservatives

Formulas with few ingredients are straightforward and easy to digest. Remember to choose quality over quantity. Find foods that limit the number of additives and bi-products because that will also keep away your cat from possible allergens.




Causes of weight loss in felines

So, which are the symptoms that your cat is losing weight? If you see that your cat continues to become thin even when it eats well, contact your vet. But, cats often become emaciated due to several reasons. Here are some of them:


·         Appetite issues


If your feline generally shows disinterest in food, then you will automatically notice weight loss. A cat may hate the flavor of the food you’re giving it. You should try other treats.


·         Stress and anxiety

If your cat is stressed up, it’s likely to have a drastic change in appetite. Or, it might even result in burning calories from the body. This ends up hurting the sick animal’s weight.


·         Old age

It’s normal for senior cats to lose weight. Old cats risk health issues such as cancer or diabetes.


·         Hormonal imbalance

If your cat has hyperthyroidism, it could experience an imbalance in hormonal levels. This might cause weight loss.


·         Illnesses

A sick cat might find it hard to eat. If it has periodontal problems, for instance, the cat will not want anything in its mouth. Also, hyperthyroidism might rip the fat from your furry friend.


·         Intestinal parasites

The cat may be competing for nutrients with unwelcome intestinal parasites. Regular deworming is necessary to alleviate this.

·         Allergies


Cats can be sensitive to certain food ingredients. If you don’t notice and solve this in time, you might continue feeding the cat worth foods that aren’t good for it. Sensitive components may trigger the cat to vomit, diarrhea, or upset digestion.


How to Increase weight in cats


·         Warm the food

Although a simple trick, heating food improves its aroma. The pleasant smell of food attracts cats, and this could motivate it to eat more.


·         Food quality

Make sure to feed the cat with high protein and calorie content. While the calories burn to keep the feline energetic, the protein helps in growth and increase of muscle mass.


·         Wet foods

Wet foods solve the cat’s dental inabilities. Such foods encourage cats that don’t want to chew to eat more.

Keep the feline active with games and toys


·         Feeding schedule

Have a mealtime table for your cats allows them to prepare for the feeding. Cats love routines, and sticking to one could improve the amount of food they eat.


·         Weight-gain supplements

Diet supplements are crucial for cats that are malnourished. If weight gain is something you need ASAP, then you should consider these products.


·         Medical check-up

It’s always crucial to rule out disease before you try any weigh-addition cat foods. Make sure to check if the vet has something on your cat. The expert is likely to diagnose your furry friend and prescribe appropriately.

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