5 Best Cat Food for Urinary Health

5 Best Cat Food for Urinary Health

The best cat food for urinary health(2020) should help your furry friend obtain nutrients and fight the problems head-on. Most of the urinary tract issues in cats are treatable, but; you cannot underestimate the pain that the cat goes through. Here is a comprehensive guide to a cat’s urinary health including my top 5 best cat food for urinary health.

Feline urinary health problems

If you notice strange urinary tract conditions in your cat, make sure to contact a vet. These could include discomfort, peeing problems, or even discharge. The specialist is likely to diagnose the cat with a blocked urethra, UTI, or Cystitis. Sometimes, it could be terminal feline diabetes. Here are some of the Urinary tract conditions that you might notice in your cat:

·         Blocked Urethra

The urethral blockage is sometimes lethal and is more pronounced in male cats than their female counterparts. Dry food is the leading cause of the urethral obstruction. If your cat pees only small amounts at a time, then you have a reason to suspect an obstruction.

·         Cystitis

This condition involves the swelling up of the bladder wall. It’s painful for felines, and; vets recommend the administration of painkillers such as Buprunex.

In most cases, dry food and stress take the blame. So, you can reduce your cat’s chances of catching cystitis by switching to wet foods and reducing the weight. Have running water nearby to invite the cat.

·         UTIs

Reports show that only about one or two percent of all cats have infections. So, UTIs are rare, but not impossible to find. Veterinary Lisa Pierson says that kidney failures, diabetes, and hyperthyroidism are the leading causes of such infections. Upon finding out your pussy’s urinary tract has an infection, your vet will prescribe antibiotics.

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Top 5 Best Cat Food for Urinary Health Review

Your cat’s food needs to be nutritious and cautious of its urinary health. Get a heuristic diet for your feline- diagnose the cat for problems and then feed it appropriately. For instance, if yours has diabetes, then you need to feed it with food rich in glucosamine.

Also, if the urinary tract has problems, then you should look for foods that promote a proper pH. The pH will affect the build-up of kidney stones, and this will significantly improve their urinary health. Also, ensure that the food has the correct amount of magnesium or ash because too much of it can lead to conditions such as FLUTD.

See to it that your cat food encourages the feline to drink water. The food can be wet or dry, but the most important thing is that you should make your cat drink water.

It’s not easy to choose the best food for cats with urinary problems. Fortunately, we have lined up a comprehensive review for you:

1.    Hill’s Science Diet Wet Urinary Tract Cat Food

What’s better than a formula scientifically and specifically made for your cat’s urinary tract health? Hill’s Science prevents bladder stones but also tackles fur balls head-on. This top 5 best cat food for urinary health is made with optimal magnesium levels which mean your cat will not have the painful kidney stones.

The wet food has several ingredients which improve the cat’s urinary health. First, its wetness gives it the attribute of easy absorption and digestion. The moisture is essential for hydration. It doesn’t have any harmful preservatives or flavors, but instead, it contains chicken, pork, and turkey. The proteins are fully digestible. The cat food also contains minerals and vitamins as well as fiber.

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2.    Royal Canin Urinary Tract Cat Food

Royal Canin is already a household brand in the manufacture of cat foods. The company’s Urinary Tract foods are accurate and keen on the details. Their composition and packaging is a result of several scientific tests.

Royal Canin SO is beneficial to your feline because it tackles cysts, crystals, and other urinary health issues. The high moisture content keeps the urine dilute and washes away all excessive minerals and salts from the urinary tract.

Pork and chicken are the primary components of this food- which makes it tasty and rich in proteins. It also features a blend of Omega fats and fish oils which are suitable for the cat’s skin.

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3.    Purina Pro Plan Focus Urinary Tract Cat Food

Purina is an already great name in the manufacture of high quality pet foods. Their Purina Pro Plan Focus formula is specially made for cats with urinary problems. The diet blends minerals, proteins, moisture, and fats in such a way that addresses the urinary issue head-on.

First, it has a high moisture content that makes it easy to digest and absorb. Plus, the water keeps the cat hydrated- and this is crucial in flushing off excessive minerals and salts from the urinary system. It has little magnesium- too much of Mg can cause crystal formation.

Made of real chicken and beef, the cat finds the vitamin-rich food tasty. It also boosts the immune system. When the body is healthy, the cat has a normal urinary tract.

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4.    Wysong Uretic Feline Formula

Finding food that addresses explicitly urinary health issues is the first step in walking your cat to recovery. Wysong is an American pet-food supplier that continues to earn accolades from its contribution to high quality diets. You may ask why this is dry food, but; it encourages the cat to drink water. This is what you need to keep your cat’s urinary tract healthy.

The diet is limited- which means there are little or no traces of unwanted ingredients. For instance, excess minerals- which often promote kidney stones- are not present. Instead, it has an intentionally added methionine which helps your cat’s urinary system to stay healthy.

Apart from the benefits that the food has to the cat’s urinary system, it also contains essential Omega acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. It blends fruits and veggies to supply the feline with vitamins. This makes the cat formula suitable for all cats.

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5.    IAMS Proactive Health Adult Urinary Tract Cat Food

IAMS made this food specifically to reduce the pH level in your feline’s urine. The idea is to dissolve any urinary stones as well as prevent any deposition of salts on the walls of the kidney or urinary tract. The magnesium composition is also balanced to make sure that the crystals don’t form.

Although it sounds more like medicine than food, the food is quite tasty for the food. The natural chicken protein provides the cat with lean protein. The cat will also crave for a crunch of the delicious vitamin-rich kibbles. Plus, while the calcium and potassium minerals support cardiac health, the vitamins boost the immune system.

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Best Cat Food for Urinary Health Buying Guide

Every urinary issue would ideally have a specific form of treatment- so, it’s vital to get advice from your vet before you switch diets. As long as your feline has a UTI or any other urinary condition, you should first seek medical attention.

The surest way to treat urinary issues is to ensure that your cat takes more water. And, if possible, ensure that the food is moistened. Further, the diet should contain ingredients that are easy to digest and absorb.

Also, make sure to feed your feline with foods that are delicious and nutritious. Studies prove that furry friend loves foods with abundant protein and fat composition. Below are other factors that you should consider when buying the best urinary health cat food.

·         Healthy Oils and Fat

Fats are the primary source of calories for carnivores. Your cat’s diet should be rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Also, you may want to prefer animal-based fats to the vegetable oils. Chicken and salmon are the best preferences.

·         Proper Urinary pH

When a feline ingests a lot of magnesium, calcium or phosphorous, these minerals be deposited on the urinary walls. This may form kidney stones. The crystals form when the body fluids aren’t optimal for them to dissolve. Studies are still going to find out the relationship between diets and urine acidity. Vets recommend that a cat’s urine’s pH should fall between 6.0 and 6.5.

·         Quality ingredients

Just because you are giving your cat food to cure or manage urinary problems doesn’t mean that the other body systems are on hold. So, you need to provide a fatty diet. Ensure that yours has a balanced vitamin, minerals, and overall nutritional value. Foods that have fresh fruits and vegetables will provide the natural nutrients necessary to keep the feline healthy.

·         Berberis Vulgars

Common Barberry is one of the best shrubs that boost immunity in both humans and cats. It restores the healthy well-being of the bladder and urinary tract. Foods with this ingredient should be welcome.

 ·         Cantharis

In Spain and France, there are beetles from which extracts of a homeopathic solution dissolve urinary stones in a matter of hour.

·         Staphysagris

This natural medication is also worthwhile in helping your feline fight UTIs(Urinary Tract Infections).

·         Dry foods versus Wet foods

In general, wet foods are preferred over dry foods for cats with urinary health issues. At least, the wet variety has more moisture content which keeps the animal hydrated and dilutes the urine. This ends up reducing crystal formation and urinary infections.

However, it doesn’t mean that dry foods are not worthwhile. If you decide to use them, then you should ensure water is served. Or, you can moisten them every time you serve your cat.

·         Make your cat drink water

Hydration is the key to urinary health. But, most cats just don’t like drinking water. They will take a few sips and then leave to play or sleep. The key to making your cat drink enough water is to exchange the cat dish for a cat fountain. Cats are keen on hygiene, and they hate stagnant water. Moving water is more inviting to felines, and this will invite them to drink. Also, you can switch to wet foods, or use some chicken broth.

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