Best Cat Food for Shedding(2021)- Causes & Buyer’s Guide

Best Cat Food for Shedding(2021)- Causes & Buyer’s Guide

It’s normal for your cat to lose some hair occasionally due to the weather and as a survival tactic. But, what happens when you suddenly start to notice a large amount of fur shedding in your feline? What should you do to stop hair loss in cats? And, which is the best cat food for shedding? Let’s find out!

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If you are a cat parent, you might have to get used to cleaning several hairballs from floor and furniture. But, while it is normal for a feline to lose hair during some seasons, it is also crucial that you notice the red line.

Every feline owner needs to learn how to live with cat hair, but; there are things you can do to stop this. Of course, it is natural for these clean carnivores to shed off their fur during spring and fall. Cat’s use this as a tactic to remove their dead hair and grow a new one. As long as you can understand the cycle and predict appropriately, then you have no problem.

The problem sets in when the cat loses fur without following the regular cycle. Address any hair loss outside the norm with enough speed. The vets advise that fur shedding in cats could be because of appetite or eating habits. That’s why we compiled this comprehensive guide to help you find the best cat food for shedding.

Causes of Shedding and Dandruff in Cats

As you’ve already seen, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see your cat shedding off some hair. You just can’t top your feline from losing hair. But, you should always check the volume it sheds off or if it is suffering from dandruff. And, that’s why the vet says the best you can do is manage that situation.

Noteworthy, some cat varieties shed more than their counterparts. But, apart from the breed, several other factors add to hair loss in cats. Below are some of them:

What’s the date?

Before you complain about hair loss in a cat, check to see the date. As aforementioned, cats naturally shed profusely during fall and spring. It’s their little way of managing the weather changes.

Health and psychological problems

Don’t be quick to judge your cat’s hair loss- it could be sick. A cat that has thyroid issues, allergies, or even bugs is likely to lose hair. The bugs could be external such as fleas and mites, or internal. It could also be a result of fungal and yeast infections. Diseases such as Seborrhea dermatitis and feline diabetes could also lead to hair loss in cats.

Besides, hair loss could be an adverse reaction to specific types of medication or other substances. And, if your cat changes the environment or gets stressed up, you might notice some unusual shedding.

Type of food

Feeding on low quality food is one of the major causes of shedding in cats. Anything that the cat eats need to be part of its diet. Plus, it should be balanced with enough nutrients and vitamins as well as fats.


Older cats have a problem grooming themselves, and this means they are likely to shed more hair than younger members of their family.

Hormonal changes

You might have noted that pregnant cats tend to lose more hair than other felines. Just like in the case of humans, a change in hormonal levels is likely to affect the strength of hair. Also, thyroid issues may be a cause of hair loss in the furry friends.

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Top 5 Best Cat Food for Shedding Review

Cat’s, too, love their hair, and it is depressing to lose it. Relieve your feline from hair fall by getting it top-quality foods. Specifically, choose those that are recommended by vets for their high composition of essential ingredients. Below are our top picks:

1 Rachael Ray Nutrish Indoor Complete Natural Dry Cat Food

Rachael Ray provides the right formula for cats that shed. If you are looking for protein-rich cat food to prevent hair loss, this may be a great deal. Some of the ingredients include lentils, salmon, and chicken. The lentils are added to improve digestion and weight gain. The fact that it contains lots of taurine, vitamins, and minerals makes it a healthy diet for cats that are shedding too much hair.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Dry Cat Food also boasts of a high concentration of amino acids and omega 6. The two components give your furry friend a healthy shiny coat and skin. The green elements provide minerals and vitamins.

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2 Purina ONE Hairball Formula Adult Dry Cat Food

A blend of chicken protein, fiber, and minerals, Purina One is one of the best cat foods that prevent hair loss. It contains Omega-6 oils that are crucial in maintaining a feline’s smooth skin. The taurine, vitamins, and minerals present are also vital in bringing up a healthy kitty. And, when your pet is healthy, it’ll certainly keep the hair intact.

Your cat is going to enjoy eating the crunchy textured dry pieces. Not only do the foods maintain your feline’s dental health but also provides enough proteins and energy to keep the cat’s muscles strong.

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3 Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control Cat Food

If you are looking for a cat formula made specifically for cats that lose hair, then the Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control might be a good result. No components are artificial in this formula, and it has several nutrients for your furry friend.

The main ingredients are chicken and whole-grain wheat, and both contain high levels of fiber. Such elements in cat food are crucial for easy digestion. Another good thing about this formula is that it keeps your pussy’s weight in check. It contains antioxidants which keep your cat healthy, and indeed, the hair in its place.

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4 Nutro MAX Indoor Cat Adult Dry Cat Food

Cats that suffer from hair loss need food that can help them stay healthy, wade-off allergies, and provide enough nutrients. Nutro MAX Indoor will not only support your feline gain healthy weight but also have proper digestion and vision.


The dry cat food contains chicken as the primary ingredient. Normally, felines easily digest chicken meat- unlike beef. It also contains Omega oils and taurine, which are suitable for a healthy coat and vision. Of course, your cat will want to munch on the kibble-shaped pieces. It’s also one of the most affordable shedding cat’s foods on the market.

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5 Blue Buffalo for Cats Natural Adult Dry Cat Food

Sometimes, hair loss in cats is a result of inadequate vitamins and minerals in its diet. That’s why a diet with a lot of veggies is welcome. Blue Buffalo does not contain chicken- it has spinach, cranberries, blueberries as well as blackberries. While it has few calories, this food enjoys a large pool of other essential ingredients for a healthy cat.

Also, it has antioxidants, taurine, and healthy amino acids which support healthy growth. The prebiotic fibers are good for digestion. Overall, the dry cat food is suitable for any cat that sheds hair due to inadequate nutrients or because of sensitivities.

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Best cat food for shedding buying guide

Now, how did we come up with our picks? Well, it all boils down to what is right for your furry friend and what isn’t. At least, you need to understand the ingredients in every piece of cat food you buy. Most importantly, you can use this buying guide to judge whether any cat food that comes your way is indeed good for shedding:


Many cats are sensitive to specific ingredients, environments, or substances. Some of the most common allergens in cats include grains, gluten, and some proteins. Such elements could cause shedding of fur in the animal. So be sure to go for limited diets that don’t have these components.


Artificial additives, preservatives, and flavors

Most cats, unlike humans, don’t care a heck about the color of food. Most manufacturers add artificial colors and aromas to trick humans into buying the food. These components have no nutritional help for your cat (and it probably hates them). Just keep them off!

Fatty Acid content

Fatty acids are generally crucial for the growth of any pet. Foods that contain the right amount of Omega oils tend to improve the healthy well-being of felines- and ultimately, the coat.

Minerals, vitamins, and proteins

Ensure that the food you are taking home to your cat is rich in nutrients. See if it has enough fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Also, see to it that it has lean sources of proteins such as chicken, salmon, or whitefish. Remember, the cat is a carnivore, and proteins are its natural source of food.

Managing cat shedding: Tips to reduce hair loss in felines

If your vet has confirmed that there’s no health problem, then you can drastically minimize feline hair loss with the following tips:

  • Provide your cat with diet supplements
  • Groom your felines coat every day to comb and remove any dead skins or dandruff. You can also bath yours if it allows. The idea here is to keep the skin clean and moist.
  • Feed it with high quality food
  • Give your cat a comfortable place to have an undisturbed sleep. A cat should be able to sleep for 15 to 18 hours a day.

So, what’s the best cat food for shedding?

We’ve already seen why a proper diet is the best way to keep your cat’s hair from shedding. You might not stop it entirely, but at least, you can manage it. Rachael Ray Nutrish Indoor Complete Natural Dry Cat Food is our best pick. Which is yours?

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