8 Best Cat Beds Review

8 Best Cat Beds Review

A cat bed comes in handy when you want to solve your furry friends’ sleeping needs. Sometimes picking the perfect cat bed is usually the hard task; that’s why we have come up with 8 Best Cat Beds reviews to help you chose the best fit and fashionable bed for your cat.


There are three main types of beds to have in mind when looking for the perfect sleeping place for your pet:

  •       The Kong bed
  •       The banana bed
  •       And the outdoor cat beds.

Best Kong Cat Beds Review

 KONG Bolster Cuddler Bed


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For durability, comfort, and performance, makes sure to find a non-scratch and bite-resistant bed for your cat. Your cats have to play around with the material, and this is something you have to accept as a parent. So, a bed such as the Kong Bolster solves this by providing bolstered walls. Then, the material is durable, comfortable, and not even a canine will tear it apart.



  •       Durable fabrics
  •       Cushioned interior
  •       Strong bolstered construction
  •       Large enough for dogs too!



  •       Primarily made for canines



Kong Lounger Bed


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If you want the best Kong cat beds, have in mind that they come in different designs and sizes. Among those that rank high is the Kong Lounger, a comfy, warm, and chew resistant mattress. You can choose any color that fits your décor, and you will take home a large, durable sleeping place for your pet.



  •       Durable
  •       Original Kong brand
  •       Sturdy chew resistant walls
  •       Strong construction




  •       Not natural materials


Pet parents must be sure to understand that these little animals sometimes have a problem with their chewing and scratching. For instance, if you are a cat owner, you might realize you’re your kitties might end up chewing some of the beds that you decide to bring them.


And this is why you should find a brand of cat beds that offers resistance in its construction. The Kong bed is a great purchase when choosing among the 8 best cat beds reviewed, mainly because of the manufacturers’ pet reputation standards.


First, you must accept that this kind of bed has been used by many dogs and cat lovers to ensure that these animals don’t destroy the foundation.


The standard foam pillow bed is usually available in different colors ranging from red and grey and any others that you choose.


This bed has a chewing and scratching resistant fabric that makes sure that even though your cat is going to play around with it, it’s not going to be destroyed. Many cat parents typically have a problem with their pets because they either chew or scratches the fabric. You should find Kong cat beds that are strong enough for, and the cat sleeps on chew resistant fabric. 

Another benefit you get when purchasing the Kong cat beds is that they have removable covers that are easily washable by a machine. So, if your cat decides to mess on this bed, you don’t have to worry because it will be simple to clean it up.


But sometimes the cover may have a non-slip surface, which means that it has to stay in one place. You have to consider this, especially when you want to put this bad in a cat cage. Then, the zipper you use when removing the cover is positioned at the back. At least, you don’t want your cat to get to that zippered area because it will be more vulnerable to destruction.


The other benefit you get with the Kong bed is that you will enjoy the durability of the heavy-duty construction. The standard Kong pillow, for instance, is so firm that most breeds of cats and dogs are not going to destroy it.


Unlike their canine cousins, felines don’t have teeth strong enough to tear through this type of fabric. Therefore, you get to enjoy the longevity of the purchases you make.


You can always choose the size that you wish to get fixed up: medium-sized beds and small ones specially made for cats.


It’s also crucial to admit that some of these lovely little animals may not be fans of chewing beds for no reason. Of course, you’d always want your pets to stay playful because that shows they are healthy and liking their stay in your house. When your cats are comfortable, you will enjoy their companionship.


Kong beds are usually water-resistant, but you must understand they aren’t waterproof. The lining only prevents moisture from seeping into the mattress. In the case of spillage, you may have situations where it finds its way to the foam inside.


If your cat is extra playful or too young to understand incontinence, you should give a little closer attention. So whenever your cat urinates, you may want to change the cover immediately to avoid any chances of seeping through to the mattress. This practice increases the longevity of your cat mattress.


Best Outdoor Cat Bed

 K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Kitty House Cat Shelter Olive 22 X 19 X 17 Inches 


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Outdoor weather is usually extreme, and this can easily affect your cat. Because you want to keep your cat warm and comfortable, you must find it a cat bed that solves environmental and predatorily challenges. This K&H heated bed ensures that you give your cat the chance to live in a cozy, safe place without having to look for that in your bed.



  •       Comfortable for outdoor cats
  •       Has two exits with door flaps
  •       Provides a warm dark place for optimum feline sleep conditions
  •       Ideal for cats that like to sleep on pouches or hideous places
  •       Easy to assemble
  •       Water-resistant



  •       The cat tent isn’t made of natural materials


Cat Bed - Purrfect Thermal Cat Mat Leapord Prints 


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If you are going out for a picnic and need to go with your cat, consider having a mat. You certainly don’t want to leach out your feline into the mud or woods without being sure that they are safe. So, a cat mat might save the day. This cat bed is not only easy to transport but also highly suited for the outdoors.



  •       The thermal technology keeps your cat warm in the remote areas without needing any electric connections
  •       The pad is machine washable
  •       Has an elegant leopard print that not only makes the cat feel like a queen but also remain clean
  •       The cleanliness, comfort, and soothing nature of this at is ideal for mother cats and aging.




  •       You may need a different shelter in harsh weather conditions


Sometimes, you don't want to leave your furry friend behind when you go for a camping or outdoor activities. It's during such a time you realize having a cat bed comes in handy. This is not like the ordinary bed because, in this case, you need one that has specifically suited for the outdoors.


You realize that there will be harsh weather and sometimes the area where you put your tent or where you are going for outdoor activity might need some warming. Whichever the case, you must always make sure that the material used to make this outdoor cat that is good enough to support the environment.


If your cat leaves primary outside, you must find living praise that is conducive. You need to protect your card from Predators is extreme Weather and boredom.

The Best Banana Cat Beds


Banana shaped beds are becoming a new trend that is gaining a lot of traction among cat parents. It's not only a right hideaway place but also offers the sensations of cuddling to your cat. Celine companions need to stay happy, and as a cat parent, you must find it a beautiful cozy bed for it to relax.


You don't have to subject your card into sleeping inside the cardboard or shoebox. And if you notice this behavior with your cat, get a banana cat bed. Interestingly, cats are inherently independent and ideas pets.

They seldom require your help is there for cleanup and even sometimes for feeding. They will always find a way to sleep, and you might have friction with them. The banana-shaped cat bed will give them privacy and the sense of freedom they are always seeking.


Petgrow · Cute Cat Bed House, Pet Bed Soft Cat Cuddle Bed


 Price on Amazon

Pick a banana-shaped cat bed and give your feline the safe, comfortable, and warm place it has always yearned. The semi-open design lets your cat sleep in private, and you get to enjoy the elegance. The bed opens like a peeled banana, and you’re going to like this!



  •       Several sizes to choose from
  •       Cute and stylish
  •       Comfortable and safe




  •       Not made from natural materials


Hero Pet Crate Pad Mat Washable Mattress Anti Slip Cushion for Pets Sleeping 


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Whether it’s a dog or cat your pampering, you must have the right accessories. Bringing up a happy cat requires you to find a bed that makes sense, not just to you but also to the cat too! And, the bed you use will heavily determine whether your kitty is happy staying with you.


The Hero Pet Store brings you lots of amazing beds for your cats. Cushioned with premium quality interiors for comfort and performance, it’s going to keep mother cats relaxed and ready to nurse her babies all night long.




  • Large enough for a family of catsEnjoys an anti-slip bottom
  • Useful for both indoors and outdoor use
  • Features a machine-washable mat



  • Not scratch and chew resistant



Worth a mention


Furrytail BOSS Cat Elevated Bed House Chair Sofa for Cats or Small Dogs, Bowl Shaped Chair with 360-degree Rotation System and Easy to Clean Fabrics Lining


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If you love ultramodern designs, then you will undoubtedly want your animal friend to live large too! This sofa will make your cat feel like the queen she is and blend well with your style. But don’t be tricked- the bowl holds a comfortable home for your cat. Add that to the 360-degree rotation and get the perfect raised bed for your princess-on-four!



  • 30-degree elevation to allow your cat to jump easily
  • 360-degree rotation for coolness and comfort
  • The silicon design prevents skidding
  • Bowl shape hides the cat, gives it privacy
  • Your dogs will love it too!



  • Pricey



Best Self Heated Cat Bed

K&H Pet Products 3191 Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Bed Small Mocha 16" 4W


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For just a few tens of bucks, you get a blanket that heats itself. Beat the winter with the dual thermostat that runs at 4 watts. The 7-inch sides are high enough for snuggling, and the cute high-end machine is easy to assemble and maintain.



  • Amazon Choice for the best electric cat bed
  • Comes in different sizes and colors to suit your tastes
  • Machine washable cover
  • Easy to assemble
  • A twenty-minute heat-time



  • Not natural material


Features To Consider When Buying the Best Cat Beds

A cat bed should have features that keep your cat comfortable. The main goal is to give your furry friends a good nap. Cats sleep for more than 14 hours a day, so; it's on this bed that they'll spend most of their time. You should, therefore, make it count.



Cats will undoubtedly wear and tear their beds when they stretch and scratch. It's normal for a cat to scratch once it is spreading, especially after a long nap. Therefore, you need to provide the cat with a surface onto which it can scratch and ensure that it does not damage the bed. Durability and scratch resistance are some of the essential features you need to check in a cat bed.


Toys for cat beds(Click for more Choices)


Make sure the bed you choose for your cat has enough toys. You want your kitty to stay active, and even though she could be sleeping during the day, she will undoubtedly roll over and want to play with something. Felines are, by nature, very playful, and you should not wash that away. Instead, it would be best if you cultivated it by covering the entrance with enough toys.




One thing you will soon realize about your card is that these fill in animals are hideous. You must, therefore, make sure that you provide them with the ultimate private environment. When your cat is assured of privacy, she is likely to have a better sleep.


Self-warming beds


Cats love warm that that's why sometimes you may find them trying to get around your kitchen or fireplace. Therefore, if you can find a bird that can warm itself, you will be on the power to give it the best temperature sleep.


The self-warming technology is used by NASA and the Space Program to radiate the heater is in. So your cat remains comfortable and doesn't wallow in freezing temperatures.


And in case you have an extra bundle of bucks, you may want to provide a heated bed to your cat. Primarily, this will come in handy when you live in places in extreme winter conditions. It's a luxury but of course, your cat deserves it.


Easy to clean

You have to admit that your cats can sometimes be messy. Cats are addictively clean. You want to make sure that they sleep in a decent place too.


But when you come to think about it, it’d be tough to maintain this because every bad or road, and it catches outside will be brought into the crib. Therefore, you need to make sure that you can find those cat beds that are machine washable.


Cat behavior


You must understand that it's your cat that needs the bed, and therefore you must always pick a cat bed that suits you have Kitty the best. If, for instance, your card like handling under a basket or between the sheets frequency, you will realize that a cave cat bed is the most suitable for that specific feeling. But if it is trolls out and wants to sleep on the couch pillow, then you should be looking for a mat instead.

Natural materials


Kittens are highly vulnerable to sensitivities and allergies, so you must opt for natural materials. You realize that's cotton wool and other natural textile materials are the best course they have fewer chemical components. Therefore, at least when the cat breed is sensitive, their noses will not be affected. But you need to find out if your cat is having a problem with synthetic materials.




Are you going to place the catbird? Make your work easy by letting the cat choose. The cat's favorite sport will give you a clue where to put the cut cable cut. If your cat, for instance, likes to sleep near the sunny window, then you should look for a cat Condo and patch it on the wall. And if you realize that your cat likes to hide, then the cat cave would come in handy. Once you determine the space you have, you will find it easy to choose a cat bed that fits there.


As a cat parent, you already appreciate that these beautiful animals love to sleep comfortably. They're some of the best friends that you can get, and loving them comes naturally. But, when their sleeping place is not clean, warm, and comfortable, they might have a hard time enjoying their stay at your home.


Cats are secretive creatures, and they want to have their privacy. You must, therefore, get them a bed that can allow them to practice this wish. Their territorial nature means that they will always try to find areas that no other animal will encroach.


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