10 Best Modern Cat Beds to Buy 2021

10 Best Modern Cat Beds to Buy 2021

Anyone who has lived with cats knows they like to sleep and just rest. Unlike in the past when pet parents would just let their cats wander and sleep anywhere in the house, these days the adorable feline friends get to rest in designated beds. Some cats can get unlucky as their owners just pick the first bed they come across in a pet store with little regard for factors such as safety, cat health, aesthetics, and comfort.

On the other hand, some cat owners look for all of the above and have now gone a notch higher and incorporate all of the above as they also look for modern cat beds. If you are looking for cat beds to buy in 2021, below are some of the pieces you will love, 


  1. Pet Tent Soft Bed


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Made using faux suede, corduroy, or linen, the plush pet tent is just what any cat needs for comfort, and the soft poly-foam lining will also help to add to their comfort. Your cat will not feel suffocated as the dimensions of the tent 16x16x14 inches. You do not have to worry about them fitting into your home décor as the corduroy beige pieces can blend into the décor of any home.

These modern cat beds are also machine washable meaning that you won’t need much to maintain them. Durability is another of the qualities they bear since much care goes into their production.


  1. Bamboo Cat Bed 


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Going green is the norm now in most households and if you live in such a household, then this is among the best cat beds to buy in 2021. The outside of this bed bears an organic bamboo shell which is durable and covers cat health. The handmade cat cave also features a washable velvet cushion and this means that its makers also considered cat health.

This modern pod piece will also gel well into any modern home given its neutral interior and velvet cushions that always add a modern look into any room. This private hideaway for your cat also measures 13.8 x 17.8 and these dimensions are just what you need if you are looking for a secure and cozy home for your cat.  


3. Elevated Cat Bed with 360-degree Rotation System

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Imagine your cat in a bowl with a 360degree rotation system doesn’t that sound like fun? Well, it is actually achievable with the elevated cat bed. Custom-made for cats, this bed with a classic bowl design will match your cat’s sleeping habits as well as an enclosed space for comfort. With the 360- degree rotation system, your cat will have fun and cozy times as well as security when they jump in for a rest.

There is also the plastic outer part made with ABS, Breathable and comfort fiber lining which will not only fit the body curve of the cat but is also easy to clean. The 30° elevation angle and dimensions of 16 x 15 x14.5cm with 9 inch will not take up much of the room and will also help enhance aesthetics.

4. Moving Castle Cat Carries and Bed

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You will never believe it but you can actually carry your cat around with its bed. This is enabled by the 1.6 kg weight as well ergonomic handle. Basically a hand carry bed, the moving castle cat carries and bed is among the cat beds to buy in 2021. The bed is basically a hand carry cat bag with 360- circular space as well as a semi-transparent frosted upper part.

Given the above qualities, there is no reason your cat should not enjoy its privacy as it looks at the scenery. The 28 vents as well as one clear ventilation will also ensure cat health because they will bring in fresh air in its bag.


  1. Tunnel Bed


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Do not decide on the cat beds to buy in 2021 before taking a look at the tunnel bed. The latter comes with future feet made using solid wood which translates into the ideal accent of any modern living room. The bed measures 12 inches by 12 inches by 18 inches and this means that your cat will have enough room to move but at the same time be cozy as it rests.


  1. Cat Bed Cave (Medium) 


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Nothing will define cozy for your little furry friend like the cat bed cave what with the fact that it is handmade using premium 100% merino wool. Its design also spells the perfect durable, cozy and warm bed for the cat and will definitely add a special touch to the home.

A glance at the design also reveals that it is very versatile and cats can use it for sleeping, resting, relaxing, playing, or napping. If you are normally concerned about cat health then you should know it is non-toxic and safe for the cat, family as well as the environment.


  1. Hand Made Rattan Round Bed 


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One of the most impressive aspects of the handmade rattan round bed is the fact that it is made using high-quality materials such as the food-grade imitation rattan. The latter is an improved version of the natural rattan which is very tough and does not smell. Unlike natural rattan, its surface is burr-free and very smooth which means the cat’s hair and skin are not hurt when in use. With 15 inches bottom diameter, 13.8 inches bed opening diameter, 12.2 inches height, and 19.7 maximum waist diameter, this bed is ideal for 22-pound cats.

Durability is another of its best attributes as it comes with a metal frame and whenever compression causes it to deform you can restore it manually. There is a protective layer over the metallic surface and this helps to prevent rust occasioned by long-term use.

The hand-made rattan round bed features an easy-to-wash soft cushion and body as well. The scratcher has multiple functions of satisfying the natural scratching instinct and preventing the cat from damaging the furniture and the carpet. Finally, there is the bowl shape of the lounge that will shape the body contour of the cat, thereby offering it a comfortable resting place.  


8.Modern Pet Sofa


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The impressive modern pet sofa is also among the cat beds to buy in 2021 and with looks mimicking a modern sofa, it will be a perfect blend for the overall home décor. Recommended for tiny or small cats, it measures 31.5″ W x 19.5″ D x 15.5″ H while its seat dimensions are 25.5″ W x 17″ D. There is also the foam cushion, and given its 3″ thickness your cat is assured of absolute comfort. Also among its unique features is a ready to assemble back and legs.


9.Pod Cat Lounge 


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The construction of this cat bed features upholstered fabric and this will blend well with whatever upholstery you have for your furniture. The plush condo also makes for a very cozy home for your pet and you only need 4 screws to assemble the bed. Saving the best for last, every cat wonder should know that they can use this bed as a basket, dome, hideout, cat tree, condo, and so on. 


  1. Cat Bed Hammock


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Everyone thinks fun when hear of a hammock! Fun is exactly what your cat will get from the cat bed hammock. The latter boasts 17’’ diameter fabric while the sturdy stand is 17.7’’ in length, 17” Width, and 23” height and this means all cats of up to 25 lbs can fit in it. It is washable and also comes with extra fabric for replacement. Don’t be concerned about cat health as there is air permeability that keeps them healthy, comfortable, and cool.  

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