10 Best Cat Breeds to Keep

10 Best Cat Breeds to Keep

For a cat lover like me, we love all cats, whether long or short-haired, tabby or tuxedo or any other variety of cats; you want to know the best cat breeds to keep. I have had different cats and came across many other cat breeds, but among the ten best cat breeds to keep, mine was a beautiful girl, Bella. She was a wonderful companion and stayed with me for 15 good years. At the time of her passing, the technology of cat cloning wasn’t available, so when she passed, I had to let her go.

Today, aspiring cat owners have a difficult time choosing the best cat breed to keep. Choosing a cat breed is a serious affair. Some cat breeds pose different hereditary problems and you have to decide if you can handle such a species. Also, when it comes to insurance, pedigree cats and cat breeds with genetic problems attract higher premiums. You also want to get a feline friend who will be with you for the longest time with minimal issues and one with a sweet personality as well. Below, I have a list of the 10 best cat breeds to keep and I wonder which one is like my lovely Bella.


  1. Ragdolls

Best Cat Breeds to Keep

The name Ragdoll came from the cat’s personality. It loves to picked up and cuddled. The cat can follow you all day in the house without getting tired. It is a human lover making it a great cat breed. Fun fact, did you know Taylor Swift owns a Ragdoll? It’s part of her ever-growing cat family.

The Ragdoll is a perfect breed for a family with children. Though they have a long and fluffy coat, they lack an undercoat making them less likely to mat. If you aren’t charmed by the blue eyes and the long fluffy coat, their personality, even the ability to play dress-up will scoop you. They are also easily trainable, making them one of the best cat breeds to keep.


  1. Maine Coon

Best Cat Breeds to Keep

The Maine Coon is known for its big size weighing 12-18 pounds with some clocking 20 pounds for a sully grown cat. They are also famous for their friendly personalities. They are easily trainable and friendly, making them great for the family with children. In whatever you are doing, the Maine Coon loves to play and join in. This cat breed is also intelligent enough to follow you to the shower or keep your young kid’s company without harassment.

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  1. Siamese

Best Cat Breeds to Keep

The Siamese cat is one of the most recognized cat breeds. It has a light-colored coat, dark face and charming blue eyes that make the cat more adorable. It’s one of the cat breeds with the best social personalities making it a perfect fit for a feline friend. If you are looking for a quiet and relaxed companion in a cat, the Siamese is right for you. It will follow you tirelessly around the house and “talk” to you through meows all day. The cat enjoys a home with a family whose love and affection will fulfill its needs.


  1. American Shorthair

Best Cat Breeds to Keep

Are you looking for a happy medium in your home? The American Shorthair is a great fit. It is a medium-sized cat breed that easily adapts to all styles of life. The only requirement the cat needs is some love and affection, and that’s it. American Shorthairs are one of the best cat breeds to keep in that they have a longer lifespan making them a popular choice for families who want to give their children a pet to grow up and bond with for a long time. They are pretty and low maintenance such that you don’t have to brush them too often, but they’re ready for cuddles anytime.


  1. Scottish Fold

best cat breeds to keep

They are easily recognized by their folded-over ears and cute innocent look. It’s an elite cat breed that gets the name from their folded ears coupled with large eyes giving them a unique look. The adorable Scottish Fold is a medium-sized breed that is super obsessed with its owners. If you live in a big city, it’s a superior breed since it’s not spooked by loud noises or getting disturbed by frequent loud noises. However, with all this comes the need for love and attention, forming an excellent bond with the owner. It’s also open to socializing with new people, but it’s still happy spending the day lounging. Fun cat: It’s another of the many cat breeds in Taylor Swift’s cat family.

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  1. Persian

Best Cat Breeds to Keep

If you are looking for the fluffy cat breed, the Persian is a nice fit for you. The Persian is a feline couch potato that adores affection and is a fantastic companion. Thanks to their beauty and sweet personalities, they are a pretty famous breed. They might take some time to get used to a new environment, but once they are settled in, they become super comfortable. You don’t have to brush their coat too often, but the cuteness is worth it.


  1. Exotic shorthair

Best Cat Breeds to Keep

Just like the Persian, the Exotic Shorthair is a docile and lovable pet. If you have kids, the pet is always up for some playtime, and it’s also great for cuddling up on the couch. They look a bit like the Persian cats but with shorter hair and little squished faces adding to their overall cuteness. If you have kids, the Exotic Shorthair makes a great playmate chasing strings and whatnot to entertain the young one.


  1. Bengal

Best Cat Breeds to Keep

The Bengal was initially developed as a hybrid of an Asian Leopard Cat and the domestic cat. It is now bred through Bengals only but retains the jungle cat look. Bengals are brave and aren’t bothered by puppies or loud environments. They are a great fit for a family with dogs and kids as they interact well with both people and other pets. Bengals have the look of a miniature cheetah making it a stylish pet.


  1. Birman

Best Cat Breeds to Keep

If you are looking for a beautiful and distinct-looking pet, the Birman is a great fit. It features blue eyes and a sweet brown nose, setting it apart from other cat breeds. The Birman is born all white but can develop another color later in its life. The Birman is a quiet cat that gets along with everyone and loves to cuddle with kids. As they grow up, Birmans develop different-hued and fluffy fur making it a great cuddle companion. The cat gets along with anyone and it’s also a low maintenance cat breed making it a great cat breed for first-time cat owners.

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10. British Shorthairs

Best Cat Breeds to Keep

If you are a cat lover looking for a sweet little fluffy companion, the British Shorthairs is a breed to look out for. They are an ideal balance between social and independence, making them great for families. They love playing around with children and adults but don’t love being carried around. You can’t force the love on them but will sit on your lap whenever they feel like it. Their blue-grey coats make them distinct, but they can be color print or even tabby sometimes. They do great in pairs as well.

For the love of cats, above are the ten best cat breeds to keep even for a first-time cat owner. With cats, love, care and affection are all they ask for, and you can be sure they will reciprocate. It is hard to stop at these 10 breeds as all cats are amazing and beautiful in different ways. For me, the choice for my next cat is in the making and its hard. Stay tuned to know more about the cat I choose and why.

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