10 Best Cat Blankets/Throws Buyer’s Guide

10 Best Cat Blankets/Throws Buyer’s Guide

Which are the best cat blankets/throws for 2021? How can I buy a good cat throw for my felines? Well, let’s find out!

I may not know much about you, but one thing that I cannot dispute is your love for your cat. It’s for this reason why you came to this page in the first place and trust me it’s a passion we share!

As a cat parents, we normally want to give the best treatment to our cute friends. And, you will admit that once you fall in love with your cat, there is no turning back. You have to make sure you are getting the best accessories just to keep them happy.

When choosing accessories for your feline friends, you’re always looking for ways in which you can keep them comfortable warm and happy. And that’s why I wanted to take you through a number of cat blankets that will make this possible.

Of course, you don’t want any situation that your feline friend and has trouble, especially during the winter. They don’t have to desperately curl themselves around the heater or the fireplace. Instead, you need to do is get them the best possible cat blankets that will solve all your warmth needs.

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Our top pick for the best cat blanket

Top 10 best cat blanket reviews.

Best budget cat blanket.

Best waterproof cat blanket

Best pusheen cat blanket

Best crochet cat blanket

Best cheshire cat blanket

Best cat blanket FAQs

Best cat blanket Buyer’s guide


Our Top Pick For The Best Cat Blanket

Laifug Premium Fluffy Fleece Warm Dog Blanket,Multiple Sizes,Machine Washable,Soft Plush Throw Protects Couch, Chairs, Car, or Bed from Spills, Stains 

Price on Amazon

There are hundreds of brands in the market today that will help protect your cat. When it comes to choosing the best cat throw, pay attention to quality, size and the perfect model for your breed.

This fluffy fleece is easy to clean, and maintain. It offers your pet a nice nap on your couch or bed without having to smear unnecessary cat hair all over. Then, it is washable so you would have to struggle with your machine. And in case there are any spillages or stains, they are easily going to get cleaned.




Top 10 Best Cat Blankets/Throws Reviews

So we know and understand that it can be a very difficult task to scour the internet just to get a good blanket for your furry friend. And for this reason, we’ve decided to make sure that you don’t get tired with all this. We are here for you to bring you the top 10 best cat throws for you are budget. Our cats love them and we believe you will too!



MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Pet Blanket For Cats  

Price on Amazon

Best pet blankets are specifically designed to keep your cat warm during the winter. This one has got twin fabrics just to reinforce its high quality.

The top side is faux fur while the other sides have Sherpa fabric. This makes it soft and yet tough enough.

Your cat is therefore going to get a combination of comfort and warmth even during extreme weather. The seams of this drawer are stitched well enough for durability. You can get it in three main colors and sizes just to assure you can choose one that fits your style and house.

And, apart from being machine washable, it’s also drier safe and your cats will not have to wait for several hours.

Then your furniture is protected from scratches because this blanket will cover everything. The stylish design means it will just look like an additional accessory that augments well with your house’s decor.


Comsmart Soft Fleece Pet Blankets

Price on Amazon

Imagine getting six blankets for one purchase? This is exactly what you find with the Smart soft fleece blankets package. These blankets are not only good for your cat but also for your dogs as well.

They have nice colors and decorative paw prints which not only blend well with your house color but also make the place attractive.

The good thing is that they’re not too heavy and therefore your cat doesn’t have to wake up tired. Instead, they are soft and comfortable which guarantees you are pets a nice long nap.

At least, whenever you wash one of them your cats can use the others. Then, remember that they are machine washable and dryer friendly. You can also rely on these blankets as pet towels.


PetFusion premium blankets 

Price on Amazon


Premium blankets are those with high-quality stitches and fabrics. Such kind of blanket should be good enough for both small and large cats. Your cat deserves the best most causes nap possible. And, you should find one that protects your furniture from scratches.

The fabric not only protects your services but also ensures that it serves you for a long time. Then the blanket comes in neutral colors that will naturally blend with your style. So, you get to choose between the grey and the brown blanket and whichever you choose will sit well with your Design.

And just like in the case of human blankets you can as well use any of the blanket sizes and it will still serve the same purpose. And don’t worry about safety because the blanket has been certified for all cat breeds. Whether it is kittens or adult cats, this blanket will do the job pretty well as long as the size fits.


Best fleece cat blanket Softan Premium Fleece Pet Blanket for Cats 

Price on Amazon

If you have several cats and dogs as your pets then you need to make sure that you by several blankets. But I’m sure you don’t want to have different brands for cats because they might fight for one.

Therefore, you can choose this premium blanket for your pets because it’s fluffy and comes in several pieces. The Soft blanket gives your pets the comfort and warmth they need.

Then, the fluffy texture lets your cat snuggle in them without getting contaminated or irritated by any chemicals or smells. So, not only is the material good for longevity but also for the safety and health of your cat.

Then these blankets are easy to wash it by hand wash or buy the machine. And after you’ve washed them, you can go ahead and drive them. The five pieces of blankets have cute imprints that make them beautiful and fit well with your decor.



YINXUE Soft Pet Flannel Blanket

Price on Amazon

Cats spend more than 16 hours sleeping and are only active for a few hours. Although it’s not a continuous nap, it’s important to invest in a good pet blanket that provides them with the best way to sleep. The yingxue soft pet flannel blanket has a cozy fabric that ensures your cat enjoys the delicate touch.


This blanket is versatile because you can also use it as a cat mat system the sleeping mat and blankets at the same time saves you cash but also gives you a lot of functionality. Then, it comes in six different colors just make sure you can get one that blends well with your style.

And as an addition to the beauty, the blanket also has 3D paw Prints all over. So, as long as you get the right size your cat will completely enjoy the warmth and comfort that this blanket brings.


AK KYC 6 Pack Mixed Cat Fleece Blankets 

Price on Amazon

Kyc has some of the best quality blankets that you can fight for your cat. I know you want to protect your feline friend from the cold and chilly weather. These blankets have materials that are soft enough to offer or the warmth that your pet needs.

The materials are so soft that your kittens will never feel lonely because they will always feel snuggled and massaged. The fleece material doesn’t depreciate in quality even if you wash it in the machine.

Unfortunately, you need to take extra care so that you will not damage the fabric. The paw prints add to the elegance of this blanket which blends well with your decor.

Also, remember that you get a pack of six blankets that serve all your needs especially if you have a mother and her kittens. This blanket support washing machine and dryer but you should not add any bleaching agent because you don’t want them to fade.


PetAmi Premium Cat Blanket 

Price on Amazon

Imagine finding a quality microfiber of silky smooth please for your cat? Now open your eyes and find the pet ami premium cat blanket that has got top-notch quality.

Your cat has fun but it is never enough to provide them with all the once they need. You realize that during the cold Seasons your cat will try to get itself staying around you or around the heater.

But, sometimes is not safe because you want your cat to stay away from fire and have all the warmth you can get at a safe place. And, to do this, give your pet a blanket that can deliver comfort and warmth while at the same time being good for elegance and your style.

Also, if you like traveling with your cat then you may want to have this blanket in your car because it will ensure you are seats are not scratched.

The same case applies to putting this blanket as a mat on your so fast just to save them the scratches. The polyester fabric and Sherpa lining of your blanket not only make it cozy but also durable.


Allisandro Premium Fluffy Dog Blanket Soft and Warm Fleece Blanket for Pet and Throw Cute Paw Print Puppy Cat Blanket Durable and Washable Multi Color Multi Size Available 

Price on Amazon

If you want one of the best cat blankets you can find out there, then we should be ready to have a look at the Alessandro supersoft. Just as the names sounds, it’s extremely soft and warm because it is made of velvet material.

This keeps your skirt warm throughout the night and even in the winter. But, don’t let the softness trick you into thinking that the material is week. In fact, it is so tough and sturdy that you will be able to protect your couch and sofa from the scratches of an aggressive cat.

And in case you want to clean it up you don’t have to worry because all you need to do is use your machine and even the dryer. The good part is that it will not fade. The colors are brilliant and attractive which creates an elegant ambiance with your style.

Not only is this blanket durable and is it washes but also it’s been in lightweight just to ensure your cat does not wake up tired.


Best Budget Cat Blanket/Throw: Trixie Beanie Fleece Blanket

For just over $5, you get one of the finest car blankets with excellent material. Not only can you wash this material easily but also it dries up quickly.

The design itself is inviting and the color does not fade even after you have washed it several times. It also adapts well to the decor of your room.

And of course, you don’t expect your card to be lazy around this blanket so it might end up scratching here and there. However, the fabric is so strong that is not damaged and you can even use it to cover your sofa or anywhere else that you don’t want your cat to destroy.


Juqiboom Fluffy Cat Blanket

Price on Amazon

If you are looking for blankets that would serve a family of cats, then this is exactly what you get. These blankets are lightweight but they’re able to provide enough warmth to keep your kitten happy and comfortable.

Even in the cold weather, the fabric is going to cover your cat in fluffy fur that traps thin air to make sure that there is no heat loss.

This pack of blankets offers the best size for small kittens. You can use the other side of the blanket to provide a comfortable environment for your pet.


Best Waterproof Cat Blankets/Throws


If you want to keep your pet warm and save your furniture from spillages and hair as well as scratches, then you’ve got to get the best waterproof pet blanket. Cat parents want to give their furry friends unconditional love. But, if you do not have a coffee and warm home then your lovely pet might not like it. Which is why you may want to consider finding waterproof blankets that are not only good for your cat but also for your dog and other pets.

The majority of these waterproof blankets are made of polyester. Cotton is cheaper but sometimes it gets destroyed faster end wool is expensive. And, you need to understand that cotton and wool would still allow water to pass through.


Pawsse Waterproof Pet Blanket,Pee Urine Proof Dog Blanket for Couch Sofa Bed,Soft Reversible Furniture Protector Cover,Liquid Resistance Blanket for Small Medium Large Dogs Cats

Price on Amazon

This blanket is quite waterproof because you can use it outdoors without getting worried that your cat will get soaked. It’s good enough for both cats and dogs.

It’s made of microfleece fabric that not only resists stains but also ensures that liquids spillages and water does not get inside. This machine-washable blanket is easy to maintain, as all you need to do sometimes is just wipe it with a damp sponge.

However, as you may want to be careful who is the surface fiber because sometimes it’s not completely waterproof.


Mambe 100% Waterproof Furniture Cover for Pets and People (Sofa 70″x 120″, Chocolate-Cappuccino) 

Price on Amazon

This one will give you the best waterproof deal especially if you’re looking for a medium-sized cat. Remember that blanket is made of microfiber fleece that is not only covered by a waterproof layer but also sandwiched between two sides.

And, it’s not a paper bag. This means it will not make unnecessary cranky sounds when washed in the machine. And, to make you feel like you have got two blankets in one it has got different designs on both sides just make sure that it augments well with your decor.



Best Pusheen Cat Blankets/Throws

Pusheen is a tabby cat that became popular especially with lots of viral comics, cartoons and gifs. Every day you get to love and to enjoy life using these animated creatures.


But also, you get a chance to enjoy lots of products including the pushing cat blanket. This blanket covers a lot of things that you may need in your house from elegance to the comfort that your cat needs.

If you have kids in your home then this could be the ideal blanket for them because not only will they enjoy but also it will form a good ambiance with the rest of your style.


Pusheen The Cat Soft Fleece Blanket – Officially licensed Pusheen Colorful Throw Featuring Pusheen, Clouds & Hearts! 

Price on Amazon

The Soft fleece blanket is one of the best pusheen cat blankets. This blanket gives you 100% polyester which means that it shields you from spillages and water.

It is super soft and has an official license from the Pusheen Inc. Company. And, you can leave it all round the year without getting worried about the winter because it’s quite large and comfortable. If you’re planning a gift for someone who loves pets, then this could be the best thing you can do for them.


Best Crochet Cat Blankets/Throws


Sometimes you want to employ your creativity to come up with the best cat blanket possible. Crochet blankets are popular especially for tailors and stitchers because they not only gives you the power of creativity but also let you come up with hand stitch products that your cat loves. The good thing is that this cat blanket simply means you’re trying to give the best love for your lovely pet. And in this case, crotchet blankets are with love.


Teal Baby Blanket, Baby Boy Blanket, Chunky Baby Blanket, Crochet Baby Blanket, Crib Blanket, Gender Neutral, Cat Blanket, Dog Blanket 

Price on Amazon

If you want a super soft and comfortable hand-stitched crocheted cat blanket, then you should be looking for this one. Not only is it a gift to your loved ones, but also it makes your cat feel like the beloved member of the family it is.

It’s not only comfortable enough for cuddling that was snuggling in your cat for the next many years because it has durable materials. If you’re going for a baby shower or you want to visit someone that loves pet then this could be the best gift for them.


Best Chesire Cat Blankets/Throws

You know the Cheshire if you have been a good follower of Alice in Wonderland. The mischievous cat has lots of escapades that made the TV show wonderful.

And sometimes, you want to relate your pets with fictional characters. The blanket will not only give you a chance to turn your own pet into the popular Cheshire cat but also invite and invoke childhood memories. So, if you find a cat blanket that has got the cheshire-cat you might actually enjoy it even more.



Disney Cheshire Cat Throw Blanket – Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland Micro Rashel Fleece Official

Price on Amazon


Get a cot blanket with a 3D in print of the Cheshire Cat of Alice in Wonderland. Made by the Northwest Company which is an official Disney merchandise licensing, this blanket has a design that will always be top-notch.

Apart from the disappearing and appearing cat character and movie logo, you get 100% polyester which means that it’s going to last long.


Best Cat Blanket/Throws FAQ: Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions that you could be asking about blankets for your feline friend.


Do cats feel cold?

Cats normally have a thin layer of fur that isn’t sometimes enough to beat the winter cold. So yes, your cat feels cold and you need to cover it with a blanket to keep it warm. You can tell that your cat is feeling cold once you realize it’s trembling shivering and trying to cuddle itself into warm places. Cats end up curling themselves around your bed or sometimes even seek warmth near the heater. It’s a sign they need a blanket.


Do cats really need a blanket?

Yes, cats like to cover themselves in blankets. Actually, if you allow your cat to get into your bedroom, you will catch it trying to get inside your blankets. This is a clear indication that he or she likes it. Therefore, blankets are inseparable from cats. Buying one blanket that is specifically designed for your pet will give them a chance to hide their food toys and massage themselves.


Will my cat love the blanket?

Yes, your cat is going to fall in love with the blanket. First, it’s a gift to your pets and they are normally going to appreciate you for the little things you do for them. Secondly, the cat is going to enjoy the blanket most if you place it in the appropriate place.


Is it healthy for cats to sleep under blankets?

Yes, there is no problem when your cat sleeps inside the blanket. In fact, the only unhealthy part would be in it breathing but Instincts will guide your cat to safety. However, you may not want to breathe the same air with your cat for a long. Which is why you need a cat blanket.


 Why is my cat getting obsessed with my blanket?

Your cat is obsessed with your blanket because it was weaned too early. If you notice that your kitties are sucking or biting your blanket, it shows that they were separated a little too early from their mothers. Cats need to have enough time to suck directly from their mum so that they don’t get fixated at the oral stage.


Why does my cat want to sleep just makes me?

Cats are social animals and they always want to be part of the pack. When your cat sleeps, it feels vulnerable and therefore needs other members of the family to offer mutual security by sleeping near each other. As the parents, the cats consider you as part of their family and if they sleep next to you, it means they trust you. Also, they want to benefit from the warmth that you produce.



Best Cat Blanket/Throw Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing the best blanket for your cat is always important to have the cat in mind. Well, you may want to look at the design and color of the blanket you take home but most importantly, you should concentrate on the size material and cleanliness of what you’re taking home. Here are a few considerations to help you get the best cat blanket.


Cat blanket material

Ensure the blanket is made of high-quality materials that are not only durable but also resistant to scratching. But, you must always remember that the main goal is to provide your pet with comfort and warmth. There for the design must always consider all this.

Using natural materials such as wool will give you a head start because it automatically fights bacteria within it. Then always remember that synthetic materials are not eco-friendly and sometimes they contain chemicals and doors that might end up being sensitive to your cat.


Comfort is king

Your cat’s comfort should always rule whenever you buying an accessory. Top-notch blankets not only offer support to your card but also give them a desire to sleep peacefully. Elderly cats especially will require a lot of sleeping time and you need to provide them with all the support and comfort you can get. In this case, it’s always important for you to look for different blankets and let the cat choose.


Easy to clean

Keeping your cat’s environment clean should always be top of your mind. You don’t want to allow your cat to get too messy. Good thing is that cats are addictively clean and all you need to do is offer them a clean decent place because they deserve it. Machine washable blankets will save you time and ensure that it’s always clean.



Cats we always like to stretch and scratch. This might end up tearing the blankets into pieces. And well,l it’s normal for your cat to scratch the blankets after a long nap especially it’s also important that you find a blanket that is tough enough.


Size of the blanket


You need to appreciate that kittens will require a different size of a blanket from their dad. Look at the cat breed requirements and find one blanket that is able to cover every part of your cat. Also, consider the age so you can end up with a comfortable blanket.


The price


All cat parents want to give is the best blanket for their little pets. However, working on a budget can be such a restraint. We have to admit that you get what you pay for. If you want to invest in the best quality natural material blanket, you might have to spend a few more bucks. However, you can smile because cat blankets come in a wide range of budgets. So, make sure to go for a blanket that is within the range of your budget and has all the features that your cat needs.




One of the most fascinating things you might have to consider is the design. Every Parent wants to make sure they give a designer touch to all these accessories they buy. There’s more to a good cat blanket than just the warmth. Certainly, you want to give your cat a designer’s touch.

Look for a cot blanket that has got enough style and color touch. Think about the pattern of weaving and knitting. Also, find out whether the material is made of faux fur or it is woolen.



And when you feel creative and craft enough then you should just go ahead and try to neck a good gift for your cat.

You realize that most of these things that we purchase can actually be made by an artistic tailor. Therefore, you can make your own cat blankets in the best way you feel.

And, this actually gives you the chance to employ your creativity because you can customize some of the best designer’s blanket. You however need to be careful about copyright so that you don’t end up infringing on patented designs. However, if you’re just trying to make one for your cat then I wouldn’t see any problem why you wouldn’t get a herringbone blanket H&M and turn it into the best cat throw possible.


Best Cat Blanket/Throw Verdict


A pet blanket keeps your furry friends happy and warm. Especially during freezing winters, you will need to make sure that your cat always stays happy and comfortable. In this blog post, I believe you found out several ways in which you can guarantees safety and comfort for your friend-on-fours. Which best cat blanket would you like to add to your cart?


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